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Evaporated milk is a dairy product made after the evaporating process and removing about 60% that water.

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Unlike condensed milk, this product doesn’t contain any sugar or some various other sweetener, yet it is much more shelf-stable than milk so that you can use it because that long.

The major questions are just how long walk evaporated milk last and does evaporated milk walk bad. Let’s discover out.

Does Evaporated Milk go Bad?

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Evaporated milk is dehydrated and also then sterilized in ~ high temperatures. The result is a dark-colored, nutritious product v a caramelized flavor and a much longer shelf life 보다 milk.

You can include some water to it before getting continuous milk, however it is commonly an ingredient you have the right to use to make delicious meals without an altering its structure.

The evaporated milk shelf life mostly depends ~ above its best before date and also the way of storing. If you keep an opened product improperly, it will go bad and also become unsafe for consumption. ~ above the various other hand, when you store it unopened, spoilage is unlikely, except if the can is compromised.

How lengthy Does Evaporated Milk Last?

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Evaporated milk is actually sterilized unsweetened condensed milk that doesn’t save on computer sugar together a preservative. Therefore, you have to be careful and also check just how long it will last.

Evaporated milk shelf life

Evaporated milk type

Unopened evaporated milk6 to 12 months1.5 to 2 years


Opened evaporated milk

/3 come 5 days3 months
Unopened short fat, skim evaporated milk/8 to 9 months


Unopened evaporated milk

This box product will stay at high high quality for at least 1.5 to 2 years after the finest by day when stored appropriately. If the storing conditions are not ideal, and you save your deserve to in the kitchen, you have the right to safely use this product for a year.

Keep in psychic that much longer storing will readjust evaporated milk’s color, flavor, and also texture, but it will stay safe to consume in most cases. Unfortunately, refrigerating this product in unopened packaging won’t prolong its shelf life.

Opened evaporated milk

Evaporated milk will certainly last only 2 come 3 days once you open up a can, yet you must refrigerate it. Part producers insurance claim that their commodities are safe for use approximately 5 days after opening the packaging.

You must avoid save evaporated milk in an open can. Constantly pour it right into a sealed container and also place that in the fridge.

Low-fat, skim evaporated milk

This evaporated milk form is edible approximately eight to nine months after the product best by date if you keep it in the cool and dark pantry. An opened deserve to last not an ext than 2 come 4 days as soon as you store it in the fridge.

7 tips to tell if Evaporated Milk has Gone Bad

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Keep in mind the you shouldn’t use opened evaporated milk much longer than 3 to 5 days even though it appears perfectly fine because it probably is not. However, that is a rare case. In many cases, you will see clear signs of spoilage. Let’s see.

Milk skin

You will frequently see so-called milk skin creating on the opened product surface. That is no a authorize of spoilage but a regular process of fat separation emerging when you store evaporated milk in a container the is not sealed accordingly or is not airtight.

That will appear when exposing milk to the air. Friend can easily solve this by heater the milk and also stirring the until reaching the desired consistency.


Spoiled evaporated milk won’t smell really badly. That will probably smell slightly different than a new one. When you feeling a foul smell, friend don’t should think twice. It is time to litter it away.


Fresh evaporated milk is white, so any kind of discolorations space a warning the something is wrong. If your product turns brown, green, or even black, you should remove it.


This product is always creamy v a smooth texture. The occurrence of lumps or curd-like texture method that you attend to spoiled evaporated milk.


There will be no should taste evaporated milk come conclude the it go bad. However, tart taste is a authorize that that is not edible anymore.


Once you notice mold ~ above the evaporated milk, you have the right to be sure that all contents went bad. You can’t solve this by remove the changes. Throw it away immediately to prevent possible health issues.


If you an alert that one unopened have the right to with evaporated milk is damaged, dented, rusted, or leaking, the finest option is to toss it. Such a have the right to is a potential hazard of very dangerous botulism poisoning.

5 advice to save Evaporated Milk

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The preeminence of thumb is never ever to leave opened evaporated milk exterior the fridge for an ext than two hours. Otherwise, you will allow bacteria development at room temperature, result in possible harmful consequences.


It is not too facility to store an unopened deserve to with evaporated milk on your countertop or within the kitchen cabinet. The way, you can keep her product for sure for about 6 come 12 months.


Storing cans through evaporated milk in a dark and also cool ar is an excellent solution to extend its shelf life. The will stay undisturbed because that up to 2 years as long as it remains unopened.

On the various other hand, you can store an unopened have the right to with low-fat, skim evaporated milk in your pantry for about nine months.


Once you open the can, you need to ar your evaporated milk in the fridge. Never store that in an opened can, but pour leftovers right into a jug or one airtight container to stop them from soaking up the smells of various other foods.

Avoid containers the you can not airtight since oxygen will affect the content and cause developing a film on the surface.


Freezing evaporated milk is not suitable solution due to the fact that it destabilizes the product’s structure. It additionally causes shedding its color and flavor and leads come ingredient separation. However, you can do that when necessary and also prolong the shelf life of her product increase to 3 months.


You can convert evaporated milk into constant milk by adding an equal amount the water. At any time you need a cup that milk, it will certainly be sufficient to mix 0.5 cup of evaporated milk v 0.5 cups of water. Stir castle well and use the milk as always.

Another option is to do a substitute because that buttermilk. Friend will need a cup of evaporated milk and also one tablespoon that lemon juice or white vinegar to obtain a cup the buttermilk.

The danger of consuming an Expired Evaporated Milk

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When you look in ~ the product label, girlfriend will watch that her evaporated milk has a best-by date printed there. In various other words, the is the time as soon as the product is that the quality, but you have the right to still consume that after the period.

In general, you deserve to probably use this milk because that a couple of months, however remember the the skim variety shelf life is constantly shorter.

When you have actually a can of evaporated milk that has actually stayed for also long, the finest option is to inspect the content prior to using it. Otherwise, you may confront digestive tract disorder or even food poisoning, with usual symptoms that include:

FeverStomach crampsNauseaDiarrhea

Rusted cans room hazardous due to the fact that they might directly reason botulism, a severe illness caused through a toxin, complied with by symptoms, together as:

Difficulty breathingMuscle paralysisDeath

Can You frozen Evaporated Milk?

As you can imagine, evaporated milk producers don’t recommend freezing their products due to the fact that low temperatures disturb your consistency. Together a result, your delicious creamy milk will finish up separated, and its quality will decrease.

However, freeze is possible, and also you can use the s product because that cooking and baking once necessary. Moreover, you deserve to improve its structure by stirring the content.

One of the ideal ways to frozen evaporated milk is by putting it into an ice cream cube tray. That way, you can use a smaller sized amount anytime needed. If you want to add this product to her soup or broth, girlfriend don’t should thaw it in ~ all. It will certainly be enough to take a cube or 2 and include them to the pot.

Another alternative is to to water the leftovers on a baking tray, frozen them, and then win the ‘plate’ come a powder.

It will be enough to include a small water come it ~ thawing and also get milk that you can continue to use as soon as you require it.

Never freeze an unopened can. That doesn’t do sense due to the fact that canned assets won’t go bad while the packaging is undamaged. Over there is likewise a possibility of damaging the have the right to at short temperatures. In the end, the is no a practical solution because you rarely require the entirety amount at once.

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Evaporated milk is a very delicious and an important creamy dairy product product that can last because that much longer than consistent milk. As soon as you open the can, the is crucial to consume its content within five days to avoid it from going bad and also causing uncomfortable or even food poisoning. Be careful, store this nutritious food properly, and also enjoy it for long.