An wait hockey table’s durability may depend on numerous factors and also features, however it mostly depends on just how it is taken treatment of. Therefore its maintenance must be your peak priority to avoid any kind of disturbance and inconveniences throughout your game.

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Why You need to Replace waiting Hockey Table Parts

A an excellent quality wait Hockey table can last as much as 8 years or even much more if the is properly maintained and also serviced.

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To maintain smooth gameplay and enhance the table’s lifespan, it might require replacing a few parts and also accessories that might have gained lost or may have actually worn out through use over time.

If you very own a table or plan on it, save in mind that it will certainly require some time and also money to be spent on that is maintenance.

What could You have to Replace and Why?

Even if you very own a high-quality air hockey table, you will most definitely need to replace a few parts and accessories end the years to ensure its sustainability and also durability.

There can be rather a few parts that require to be revived or touched up, however fortunately, we’re here to aid make the process easier! We’ve detailed down some things that friend will more than likely want come upgrade:

Pushers/Mallets: Mallets are crucial requirement come play air hockey, and you should note factors like durability, strength, and also weight in contrast with the table in mind once considering replacing them. Lightweight strikers can be a actual nuisance because they might not provide enough pressure to press the pucks, hindering smooth gameplay.

Pucks: Pucks are an extremely delicate and also may easily break, stay out, shed their capacity to glide smoothly with time, or even fly off your table during an exciting game and also go missing. Luckily, instead of them isn’t really tough; in fact, it costs only a few bucks to replace a puck, and they’re even cheaper in bulk, which would be useful if you to be to lose one mid-game. While acquiring a brand-new puck, you could want come ensure that it no have any type of rough surfaces that protect against it from sliding effortlessly across the table and also if the puck’s weight and size space compatible with your table.

Score counters (electronic or manual): A scorekeeper is really of organization during a competitive game, yet it might need come be totally replaced or have to be repaired if it breaks or encounters some technical worry with use over time. If your hand-operated scorer breaks, you could try fixing the or look for a an ext compatible design if the is irreparable. If your digital scorer stop working, girlfriend should shot replacing its batteries, inspect for wiring issues, and try changing the alignment the its sensors. If the scorer quiet does not work, you might want to contact its manufacturer or look for a new one. When searching for a new scorer system, components like design and durability are important.

Blowers/Fan motors: Air blower systems room a simple necessity come play air hockey because they administer airflow for the puck’s rapid movement. However, they can be rather expensive come replace. Blowers are largely quite long-lasting, yet they aren’t totally fail-safe and may need to it is in upgraded or repaired as result of generally gift worn the end or breakage end the years.Fan electric motors power the blower systems, and also there can be worries with either. If your air flow is person who is abnormal weak, friend could shot cleaning dust and also debris from your motor. However, if that has completely stopped working, shot contacting her supplier to change it and get the initial model, if available.

While replacing her motor, shot finding one with similar air pressure and also size to the initial to be compatible with your table. A motor with enormous pressure could make puck manage really difficult, if one it is too small could an outcome in sluggish activity of the puck and also disrupt gameplay. The bigger the dimension of the table, the better airflow is required. A tournament quality blower may cost a large puck, whereas one through low voltage is comparatively cheaper.

Table legs: They room a basic part the the table because they administer support and aid keep the playing surface even and also upright. However, expect your table leg is uneven, it s okay damaged, or walk missing. In the case, it is obviously not feasible for the video game to proceed smoothly, and it is compelled that you replace it with either comparable leg support by contacting her supplier or getting a suitable leg leveler come level the play surface.

Tabletops: The playing surface ar is obviously a very important part of your table, and it is rare the it will call for replacement with proper cleaning and occasional maintenance. However, that is still a possibility. It might be feasible to resurface that if there are simply bumps on your table that provides it inconvenient for the puck to glide clearly across, however you may have to replace it if over there is heavy damage to the playing frame that is past repair. Screws/bolts/wires: These are little but important parts on the table that could disrupt gameplay. As such it is crucial to inspect for any loosened screws or wires to avoid disturbance during your game.

Where to uncover Replacement Parts

There are several places where friend can find replacement components if you space looking to refurbish her air hockey table. Depending on what you are looking for, it may not always be easy to discover what girlfriend want, but you’re in luck since we’ve jotted under some places where you could try looking because that them.

When searching for a replacement part, you need to firstly check your table’s warranty since it is possible that your supplier might simply change it for you or maybe aid you discover a comparable product. If that doesn’t work, perhaps try finding the replacement components at a local convenience or sporting activities store. You might also try looking for them online since there’s a wide selection that you have the right to check really conveniently on part websites we’ve provided here:


You must invest in a great quality, sturdy air hockey table to protect against the hassle of replacing parts ever before so often. Try not to deteriorate on the high quality of the table due to the fact that saving a couple of bucks may price you even an ext in the lengthy term, and you may end up spending method more on instead of parts.

Proper maintenance and careful use of the table can likewise save girlfriend from repairing and replacing and cause assets to last much longer than they frequently would.

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However, if the damage done is past repair, carry out not distress, due to the fact that finding replacement components is not very tough, and also using the resources provided in this article, you deserve to easily discover what you room looking for, and also chances are, even get it yielded to her house.