Someone do an iceberg graph of EEnE. The idea behind this image is listing things about a certain community or category from most generally known to many obscure.

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Wow cool, I’m higher on the iceberg than I would’ve expected! Though several of this I’m surprised anyone besides followers that this blog would certainly know, such together the Tourette’s guy cameo..

Also I’m impression if Bro really has actually risen come the top of things human being know around EEnE. Favor it renders sense because he was the plot that the movie, yet the totality fun that Bro as soon as I began watching was how easy it was to be a fan and FORGET Eddy had actually a brother, so it’s exciting to watch this upper and lower reversal in familiarity.

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I know it’s been a long time, yet is there any way you might share the audio record for “Like Me” from might I have This Ed? :D


Awww, it’s been lengthy enough, why the hell not? :) This track wasn’t even produced by AKA therefore Danny shouldn’t have any issue through it gift shared… possibly I should worry much more about Technomorph (the sound designer because that EEnE), yet they’re wherein I acquired it!

ORIGIN: created by Technomorph because that an advertisement, the track ‘Like Me’ ended up unused and was donate up as a stock song. It was eventually featured in Ed, Edd n Eddy - S6E1- may I have actually This Ed (2008) once Eddy theatre it for Edd on an old phonograph. Special many thanks to crow Molisee, that contacted Technomorph for me in 2010 (I hope you don’t mind me mentioning ya, ns appreciated the assist immensely!) and also thanks come Kerry Uchida at Technomorph for giving us through the song.

I hope you room all excited to ultimately hear the full version of“LIKE ME” the pretty tiny song from‘May I have actually This Ed’. I also cobbled the together into a lyric video real quickly! (sorry because that not making use of pics, the would’ve been a funny idea lol)

Here’s my old write-up transcribing the lyrics as finest as I might hear, i m sorry I simply now updated a little as i was make the video:

Fun fact: part of the factor we wanted to discover the full song to be because, prior to the illustration aired, Technomorph’s website briefly released 4 clips of different cuts of the track overlayed in the scene from ‘May I have This Ed’, which were taken down when they establish the fandom caught wind the it. ~ that, myself and also several others to be interested to find out what the complete song sounded like– what a journey the was!