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If you have actually a tool impacted bya fuel linerecall, please prevent using the tool immediately. Since of the potential fire hazard, the tool must have the fuel heat removed and also replaced through a fuel line the will eliminate the potential hazard. Take it your tool to one authorized Echo dealer for cost-free repair.

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The serial numbers influenced bythis fuel heat recall because that this design are noted below:

GT-200R - begin S/N 05047380-End S/N 05147265

With the unit off, look listed below the waiting filter cover and above the fuel tank. The model and serial number space on a black and also white or black and also silver sticker attached come the silver engine block.

Part #99944200201 - GT Shoulder Strap Kit - consists of shoulder strap and also hardware to install shoulder harness.

Part #P021008050 - i-30 Starter Assembly Kit (S/N 05001001-05147300) -Includes starter assembly through i-Start feature, adapter plate, and twin starter pawl assembly.

Part #21560056 - 2- heat Rapid-Loader Trimmer Head - designed to simplify the loading procedure by permitting the operator come insert precut lengths of line into the mechanism, which will then lock the line. Holds 2 8" pieces of trimmer heat (.095"-.155").

Part #21560062 - 2-Line Rapid-Loader global Trimmer Head - draft to leveling the loading process by enabling the operator to insert precut lengths that line right into the mechanism, which will certainly then lock the line. Holds 2 8" piece of trimmer heat (.095"-.155"). This trimmer head features hardware come fit most competitor units.

Part #215311 - Maxi reduced - may be used wherever the nylon line head is used. Not designed for heavy weeds or brush. Head attributes 3 replaceable plastic cut blades. Blade Conversion Kit is no required. Material: Plastic.

Part #215715 - agree Maxi cut Replacement chisels - Package includes 12 blades and 12 washers.

Part #99944200240 - GT ECHOmatic dual Line Trimmer Head - tap to advance style trimmer head. Hold 20 feet the trimmer line (.080"). (Discontinued)

Part #21500240 - Pre-Wound replacement Spool - Fits GT ECHOmatic double Line Trimmer Head.

Part #21560040 - GT ECHOmatic solitary Line Trimmer Head - insanity to breakthrough style trimmer head. Hold 15 feet that trimmer line (.080"). (Discontinued)

Part #215406 - Single-Line instead of Spool - Fits GT ECHOmatic solitary Line Trimmer Head.

YOUCAN™ maintenance Kits:

Tune-Up Kit: component #90152Y - includes Air Filter, Fuel Filterand Spark Plug

Spark Plug Kit: part #90114Y - contains NGK BPM-8Y Spark Plug

AirFilter Kit: part #90112Y - includes Air Cleaner Lid, wait Filter and Fastener

Fuel Cap/Gasket Kit:Part #90247Y- consists of Fuel Cap and Fuel lid Gasket

Purge bulb Kit: component #90249Y - consists of 2 On-Carb Purge Bulbs, 1 remote Purge Bulb and also Grommet

Fuel device Kit:Part #90097Y- consists of Fuel Filter, Fuel Lines, Grommet, Gasket and also Purge Bulb


Length: 1,400mm/55.1 in.

Width: 310 mm/12.2 in.

Height: 385 mm/15.2 in.

Dry weight v cutter head: 4.1 kg/9.04 lb.

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Engine Type:Air cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder gasoline engine

Engine Displacement: 21.2 cc/1.29 cu. In.

Fuel: mixed (Gasoline and Two-Stroke Oil)