In arguably one of the biggest, baddest and bloodiest Hell in a Cell Matches of all time, D-Generation X severed from their typical lime green and stained the Air Canada Centre crimson red at Unforgiven, defeating the McMahons and Big Show. To add the most outrageous, unbelievable insult to a wealth of injury, not only did DX physically decimate Mr. McMahon, but they also crammed the chathamtownfc.net Chairman face-first into the extreme backside crevice of the ECW World Champion.

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Both Hell in a Cell veterans, Triple H and Shawn Michaels came to Toronto to wage an unforgettably brutal war in the first Handicap Match in Hell in a Cell history-- also the first time an ECW Extremist competed in a match of this kind. Despite their experience, this match would be far different from any other The Game and HBK had ever experienced as the new Hell in a Cell structure debuted at Unforgiven.

As the 20-foot-tall Cell lowered around the ring, Mr. McMahon stood flanked by the Extreme Giant and was visibly eager to start the match to return months of humiliation at the hands of DX. As the Chairman told Shane McMahon earlier in the night, he had not forgiven the degenerates for their antics and Mr. McMahon grinned devilishly as he made his way into the new two-ton Hell in a Cell structure.

It looked like Big Show would be the most formidable factor for The Game and HBK, as the Extremist told the McMahons to stay back while he handled DX. Though Big Show was temporarily incapacitated by Triple H and Michaels with a double low-blow, the angry giant would retaliate minutes later and dominate DX throughout most of the contest.

Big Show mauled and manhandled the Cell veterans, allowing Mr. McMahon and Shane to release their aggression and frustration on their opponents. The trio battered Michaels and Triple H, who seemed to have again lost his equilibrium as he had days earlier on RAW. His team in control, Mr. McMahon directed traffic and DX was dismantled -- his son, Shane, dropping Triple H with a massive Coast-to-Coast dropkick that wedged a trash can into The Game"s face. Big Show used his monstrous power and the steel Cell walls to decimate and bust open the Heartbreak Kid while Triple H bled from his ear inside the ring.

Throughout the match, each time DX looked to recover, Big Show -- the only competitor in the match to not leave a bloody mess -- intervened and broke their momentum. Even in pinning predicaments over DX, the Chairman remained adamant about prolonging the match and the punishment accompanied by it. The possessed billionaire was intent on physically desecrating the bodies of both Triple H and HBK just as DX had done to Mr. McMahon"s personal jet, limo and even chathamtownfc.net Headquarters.

The tide would turn for the First Family of Sports-entertainment as Mr. McMahon was inadvertently splashed by Big Show. The ECW Champion was then double-teamed by DX and taken out of the match long enough for Triple H and HBK to mount an impressive offensive. Following an atomic drop and spinebuster on Shane, Michaels maimed the billionaire"s son by locking Shane"s neck in chair and delivering a flying elbow onto his throat. This would not only cause Shane to tremor, but also leak blood from his mouth signifying major internal injuries.

The ECW Champion then picked up the steel steps and prepared to level his opponents until Triple H slammed him in his belly with chair. After The Game blasted Show"s head with the chair as it rested on the steel steps, Michaels dropped the already dazed giant with Sweet Chin Music, leaving Big Show on his feet, but slumped over the top rope.

As the only member of his team still standing, the evil Mr. McMahon stood defiant face-to-face with both members of DX and -- though bloodied himself -- still called them on. DX closed in, but then dropped the debilitated Big Show"s tights to reveal his extreme rear. The Game and HBK then grabbed Mr. McMahon and drove and buried the billionaire face-first into the extreme crevice of the ECW Champion.

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To cap off the humiliation, as the appalled Chairman stumbled out of the massive cheeks of Big Show, Michaels nailed Mr. McMahon square on his jaw with Sweet Chin Music. To further the punishment, The Cerebral Assassin went to the outside and retrieved a sledgehammer from under the ring. As the Chairman knelt helpless in the ring, Triple H laid the sledgehammer across the back and neck of Mr. McMahon, cracking the weapon and splitting it into pieces over his adversary"s already broken body.

The Game covered the embarrassed and beaten opponent for the victory. Bloodstained and exhausted, DX crouched over the fallen carcasses of the McMahons and embraced in triumph as medics carted the decimated Chairman and his son out of the arena.