A fragment the chromosome 21 reattaches come chromosome 21, yet in the reverse direction. What is the name provided to this change? trisomy 21deletionduplicationtranslocationinversion
An turning back occurs when a fragment reattaches to the initial chromosome however in the turning back direction. Usually, these aberrations an outcome in under harmful impacts than various other chromosomal alterations together the genes room still current in their normal number.

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During meiosis, homologous chromosomes occasionally "stick together" and do not separate properly. This phenomenon is known as _____. Moving sterilitymeiotic failuregametic infertilitynondisjunctionsticky chiasmata
During meiosis I, homologous chromosomes form a tetrad. What go this accomplish? A) This brings the chromosomes right into alignment so that crossing over have the right to create brand-new combinations of genes current on a solitary chromosome.B) crossing over have the right to occur, creating new combinations that chromosomes through their independent alignment across the metaphase plate.C) It permits for the procedure of crossing over to occur, which reduces the number of chromosomes existing in the cell.D) A chiasma creates as crossing end occurs, which eventually reduces the variety of chromatids per chromosome.
A)Crossing over does this by exchange of corresponding parts in between homologous chromosomes, developing a patchwork of maternal and paternal chromosome segments follow me a single chromosome.
In a cabinet containing 10 chromosomes, meiosis results in the development of daughter cells containing _____ chromosomes.51020400
During meiosis, the occasions that occur in _____ are comparable to those that happen in _____ the mitosis. Prophase i ... Prophasemetaphase ns ... Metaphaseanaphase ns ... Anaphase IImetaphase II ... Metaphasetelophase II ... Telophase I
metaphase II ... Metaphase Meiosis II is virtually identical to mitosis, i m sorry separates sisters chromatids, yet unlike meiosis I, i beg your pardon separates homologous chromosomes. However, every daughter cell created by meiosis II has only a haploid, no diploid, collection of chromosomes.
Which the the following statements concerning the function of mitosis is false? Mitosis permits organisms come grow. Mitosis permits organisms come regenerate lost parts. Mitosis enables organisms to repair tissues. Mitosis permits organisms come reproduce asexually. Mitosis allows organisms come generate genetic diversity.
What is the difference in between a light tumor and also a malignant tumor? benign tumors are a massive of basically abnormal cells; malignant tumors are an abnormal fixed of basically normal cells. Benign tumors carry out not metastasize; malignant tumors do. Light tumors metastasize; malignant tumors perform not. Bright tumors will certainly not kill you; malignant tumors will. Benign tumors spread past their initial site; malignant tumors stay at their initial site.
Benign tumors carry out not metastasize; malignant tumors do. Malignant tumors spread from their website of origin to various other parts of the body.
Which that the following is a feature of plant cell division that distinguishes it from pet cell division? absence of cytokinesisformation of a cabinet platedisappearance and also subsequent reappearance of the nucleolusproduction of four (rather than two) brand-new cells every mitotic divisionformation that a cleavage furrow
Which that the complying with occurs throughout mitosis? 2 genetically different daughter cells result. Organelles replicate. Chromatids separate. Chromosomes replicate. The cabinet divides right into two separate cells.
The phase of mitosis throughout which the chromosomes move toward different poles of the cell is _____. telophase anaphase metaphase prophase cytokinesis
anaphaseAnaphase begins when the paired centromeres of every chromosome separate, liberating the sisters chromatids, which begin moving towards opposite poles the the cell.
Which that the complying with is a vital difference in between meiosis and also mitosis? Chromosomes align in ~ the metaphase plate. Chromosomes condense. Chromosomes migrate to opposite poles. A spindle device forms. Synapsis occurs.

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Synapsis occurs.The pairing the homologous chromosomes during prophase ns of meiosis is referred to as synapsis.
The term binary fission is best applied to _____. atom chemistry tree prokaryotes mitosis chromosomes