Besides being incredibly scenic, the road expedition from Atlanta to Savannah will take girlfriend through few of the many historic and friendliest areas in north America. Road trippers often affectionately call Georgia The State that Adventure, so fill your bags and also find out why!

The 250-mile road expedition from Atlanta to Savannah take away 3 hrs 50 minutes. The trip"s main attractions room Macon, High drops State Park, and Indian Springs State Park, too as stone Mountain Park and also Oconee National forest on the alternative route.

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There"s a lot come see during this unforgettable road trip, so be sure to review until the end to learn every little thing there is come learn about this itinerary.

How much is Savannah indigenous Atlanta and also how lengthy will the road trip take?

RouteDistanceDriving Time
The Macon route250 miles3 hrs 50 minutes
The alternative route265 miles4 hours
Driving v Macon, the road trip from Atlanta to Savannah bring away 3 hrs 50 minutes and covers 250 miles, not accountancy for the unavoidable stops you"ll be making follow me the way.

Although friend could definitely do the pilgrimage in a single day or also fly to Savannah, a much better course of activity would be to make constant stops throughout this easy-to-drive federal government adventure.

What makes this drive distinctive is that it combines the beautiful valleys that the Piedmont region with a stunning 110-mile coast, situated a hop and a skip indigenous Savannah.

A pilgrimage to Savannah would certainly be incomplete there is no a visit to Forsyth Park.
Following a long string of festivals in the spring, the jolly atmosphere in Savannah proceeds well into late fall, through July being particularly hot (around 90 degrees) and crowded.

Fall is an remarkable time come visit since this is once the temperatures start to wind down, and also the variety of tourists gradually starts come decrease. Even so, Savannah walk all-out through food and music festivals this time of year.

Finally, winter is a an excellent time come visit if you desire a cheap stay and some fairly empty city streets. Over there aren"t together many significant events this time of year, though, therefore this season is much better suited for people who simply want to view as much of the city together possible. is one affiliate of and also receives commission because that qualifying purchases make through web links on this page.

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