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game ID: YIVE-387874A8Press choose for Max Gold94000130 fffb0000020c7dd0 3b9ac9ffd2000000 00000000Press select for Max Casino Tokens94000130 fffb0000020c7dd8 3b9ac9ffd2000000 00000000IN fight CODES:Press l in Battle: Max EXP94000130 fdff0000120c7de8 0000270fd0000000 00000000HERO ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120c88d0 000003e7Full HP120c88ce 000003e7Max MP120c88d4 000003e7Full MP120c88d2 000003e7Max Strength220c88c8 000000ffMax Agility220c88cc 000000ffMax Resilience220c88ca 000000ffMax Wisdom220c88cd 000000ffMax Luck220c88d6 000000ffRAGNAR ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120c92e8 000003e7Full HP120c92ea 000003e7Max MP120c92ec 000003e7Full MP120c92ea 000003e7Max Strength220c92e0 000000ffMax Agility220c92e4 000000ffMax Resilience220c92e2 000000ffMax Wisdom220c92e5 000000ffMax Luck220c92ee 000000ffHEALIE ATTRIBUTE CODES:Quick Level Up120cc038 0000ffffMax HP120cc054 000003e7Full HP120cc052 000003e7Max MP120cc056 000003e7Full MP120cc058 000003e7ALENA ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120c97f4 000003e7Full HP120c97f2 000003e7Max MP120c97f8 000003e7Full MP120c97f6 000003e7Max Strength220c97ec 000000ffMax Agility220c97f0 000000ffMax Resilience220c97ee 000000ffMax Wisdom220c97f1 000000ffMax Luck220c97fa 000000ffKIRYL ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120c9d00 000003e7Full HP120c9cfe 000003e7Max MP120c9d04 000003e7Full MP120c9d02 000003e7Max Strength220c9cf8 000000ffMax Agility220c9cfc 000000ffMax Resilience220c9cfa 000000ffMax Wisdom220c9cfd 000000ffMax Luck220c9d06 000000ffBORYA ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120ca20c 000003e7Full HP120ca20a 000003e7Max MP120ca210 000003e7Full MP120ca20e 000003e7Max Strength220ca204 000000ffMax Agility220ca208 000000ffMax Resilience220ca206 000000ffMax Wisdom220ca209 000000ffMax Luck220ca212 000000ffTORNEKO ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120ca718 000003e7Full HP120ca716 000003e7Max MP120ca71c 000003e7Full MP120ca71a 000003e7Max Strength220ca710 000000ffMax Agility220ca714 000000ffMax Resilience220ca712 000000ffMax Wisdom220ca715 000000ffMax Luck220ca71e 000000ffHARDIE ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120cd484 000003e7Full HP120cd482 000003e7Max MP120cd488 000003e7Full MP120cd486 000003e7LAUREL ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120cd990 000003e7Full HP120cd98e 000003e7Max MP120cd994 000003e7Full MP120cd992 000003e7MEENA ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120cac24 000003e7Full HP120cac22 000003e7Max MP120cac28 000003e7Full MP120cac26 000003e7Max Strength220cac1c 000000ffMax Agility220cac20 000000ffMax Resilience220cac1e 000000ffMax Wisdom220cac21 000000ffMax Luck220cac2a 000000ffMAYA ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120cb130 000003e7Full HP120cb12e 000003e7Max MP120cb134 000003e7Full MP120cb132 000003e7Max Strength220cb128 000000ffMax Agility220cb12c 000000ffMax Resilience220cb12a 000000ffMax Wisdom220cb12d 000000ffMax Luck220cb136 000000ffOOJAM ATTRIBUTE CODES:Max HP120ce3a8 000003e7Full HP120ce3a6 000003e7Max MP120ce3ac 000003e7Full MP120ce3aa 000003e7 The Genie has an ext Dragon search IV: Chapters the the preferred Cheats in ~ CheatingDome.com.Get the best selection of Cheats, Codes, Walkthroughs/Guides/FAQs, Unlockables, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and more from Cheat password Central.