Swai Fish clinical Classification

KingdomAnimaliaPhylumChordataClassActinopterygiiOrderSiluriformesFamilyPangasiidaeGenusPangasianodonScientific NamePangasianodon hypophthalmus

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Swai Fish conservation Status

Swai Fish Locations




Swai fish, likewise commonly well-known as iridescent sharks, are a type of shark catfish the are indigenous to Vietnam.

These omnivorous bottom feeders live in the Mekong river and also migrate upstream when the water levels climb in the late summer. When left come their own devices, iridescent sharks can acquire as large as 100 pounds. Advertisement farmers generally breed huge quantities of swai to offer as a renowned replacement for catfish meat. Girlfriend can also find small iridescent sharks that have been stunted in growth to offer as aquarium pets.

3 incredible Swai Fish Facts!

Glowing fins: The iridescent shark’s name comes from the edges of that is fins, which have actually a shimmery glow the is visible also in the dark.Sharkfin style: Swai room a type of pangasius, or shark catfish. Back they’re not actually sharks, these catfish all feature a dorsal fin and also a silvery, shark-like appearance.

Swai Fish Classification and also Scientific Name

The scientific name for swai fish is Pangasianodon hypophthalmus. In Vietnam, castle are regularly referred to as tra fish; they may likewise be mistaken for the connected basa, or Pangasius bocourti. Once they’re not being sold as livestock, these silver creatures are typically called iridescent sharks for your glowing fins and shark-like appearance.

Iridescent sharks belong come the Actinopterygii class and also Pangasiidae family members of shark catfish. Castle are regarded American catfish, however they are distinguished by your shark-like dorsal fins. In recommendation to their clinical name, shark catfish are likewise frequently referred to as pangasius through members of the study community.

Swai Fish Appearance

Iridescent sharks space a kind of eastern catfish through silver scales, beige skin, and little whiskers. Like other shark catfish, pangasius have a small dorsal fin on the peak of their bodies. The edge of a pangasius’ fin glow faintly underwater, making lock a popular choice for aquariums.

Young iridescent sharks can grow to be almost everywhere from 1 come 4 feet long and typically weigh in between 50 come 100 pounds. The largest ever recorded swai fish load 44 kilograms, or about 97 pounds. The development of a pangasius deserve to be stunted by diet or a confined space, i beg your pardon is why iridescent sharks the live in aquariums are usually so lot smaller than their wild or commercially-grown counterparts.

Swai Fish Distribution, Population, and also Habitat

Iridescent sharks are aboriginal to Asia and also are most frequently found within the nation of Vietnam. Many wild pangasius resides in the Mekong river, whereby they swimming upstream indigenous the Maeklong basin. Part pangasius also swims downstream right into the Chao Phraya.

Pangasius room freshwater fish and also are popularly farmed in ponds, rice paddies, and comparable structures. Virtually all commercially sold iridescent sharks are bred together livestock; friend shouldn’t expect to acquisition a wild pangasius at a common market. Although population numbers space not available, iridescent sharks are considered to be endangered in their organic habitats.

Swai Fish Predators and also Prey

Iridescent sharks room omnivorous animals that feeding on crustaceans, algae, bugs, and also other little fish. A swai will eat virtually anything the can capture as it grows to its full size the 100 pounds. Once they are farmed commercially, pangasius is generally fed a diet that consists of barley, oats, and other types of grain.

Pangasius has actually no natural way of self-defense, making castle a well-known target for all predatory animals in their aboriginal region, including birds, mammals, and other big fish. Human anglers are one of the primary threats come iridescent sharks, and also overfishing is likely responsible for their existing status of endangered.

Swai Fish Reproduction and Lifespan

Iridescent sharks are egg-laying creatures the live in big clusters. Like other species of catfish, pangasius breed in a migratory sample that involves swimming upstream come a reproduction ground throughout the so late summer months.

Due to their wild nature, iridescent sharks are particularly complicated to each other in captivity. Pangasius farmers often tend to save the fish in huge ponds with plenty of other members the the same species to for sure adequate reproduction conditions. As result of the lack of research study on this particular form of fish, the is unknown just how long a swai might live in the wild. In captivity, a well-loved iridescent shark might regulate to have a lifespan as lengthy as twenty years.

Swai Fish in Fishing and Cooking

Although iridescent sharks are uncovered naturally in the rivers that Vietnam, many commercial swai production takes location in managed farming environments. Large groups of pangasius are preserved in ponds, rice fields, and also other watery locations until they are big enough come harvest because that consumption.

In cooking, swai meat is provided as a famous replacement because that American catfish. The taste is described as sweet and also significantly milder than their catfish cousins. Swai is recognized to have a tougher texture and slightly blander taste 보다 basa, an additional shark catfish that is discovered in the very same region.

Swai meat is a great source of nutrition through plenty of protein and vitamin B12. Uneven you live in Vietnam, you space most most likely to find pangasius meat in the frozen section, whereby it deserve to stay fresh and also delicious for approximately a year in ~ a time. Frozen pangasius meat can be baked, broiled, or fried to accomplish the finest taste. Just remember come thaw your frozen fish out prior to you chef it to prevent too lot moisture indigenous entering the dish.

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Swai Fish faqs (Frequently request Questions) 

Where is swai fish found?

Wild iridescent sharks are discovered throughout Asia, but they are taken into consideration native to the Mekong river in Vietnam. Advertising pangasius is generally kept in ponds and other varieties of local fish farms.

What is swai fish?

The iridescent shark is a form of catfish native to Vietnam. Swai meat is often sold together a famous replacement to American catfish or the slightly more expensive basa fish.

Is swai fish high in mercury?

Iridescent sharks have a fairly low mercury content. A study of commercially available pangasius only discovered a mercury content of 2 components per billion.

Is swai fish banned?

As lengthy as they space labeled correctly, iridescent sharks space not banned because that sale or usage anywhere in the an initial world. However, that is illegal to market pangasius as catfish in the united States.

Is swai fish safe to eat?

Swai meat is considered safe come eat and is a famous protein choice in plenty of markets. However, be mindful that any type of aquatic meat might be topic to questionable agriculture practices and should it is in purchased with consumer discretion.

Is swai fish healthy?

Swai meat is a reasonably healthy protein choice for most diets. Pangasius meat includes high quantities of selenium, niacin, and vitamin B12.

Swai fish vs. Basa fish

Swai and also basa room both varieties of shark catfish the are indigenous to Vietnam. Basas, also known together Pangasius bocourti, are rarer than swai; they are also larger and also typically have actually softer and much more tender meat. Swai is frequently mislabeled together bocourti in some markets.

Are Swai Fish herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

Swai Fish space Omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and also other animals.

What Kingdom do Swai Fish belonging to?

Swai Fish belong come the Kingdom Animalia.

What phylum perform Swai Fish belong to?

Swai Fish belong come phylum Chordata.

What class do Swai Fish belong to?

Swai Fish belong come the course Actinopterygii.

What family members do Swai Fish belonging to?

Swai Fish belong come the family members Pangasiidae.

What order to Swai Fish belonging to?

Swai Fish belong to order Siluriformes.

What type of covering execute Swai Fish have?

Swai Fish are covered in Scales.

What is the scientific name because that the Swai Fish?

The clinical name for the Swai Fish is Pangasianodon hypophthalmus.

How many varieties of Swai Fish room there?

There is 1 species of Swai Fish.

What is another name because that the Swai Fish?

The Swai Fish is additionally called the tra fish, iridescent shark, or pangasius.

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How carry out Swai Fish have actually babies?

Swai Fish place eggs.

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