Our Genereation, journey Girls, & American Girl DollComparison

by amandaanderton82 on January 7, 2013

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With 2 girls us are beginning to acquire quite the arsenal of dolls! and also with them just being age 3 & 5 we more than likely should slow-moving our arsenal for awhile because they aren’t even in element doll playing age yet. However mommy can’t aid it sometimes. I like making their clothes and also doing your hair!

 I request my mom the various other day why i never had American Girl Dolls cultivation up. Even in junior high ns was jealous of my girlfriend Shandi’s collection! She reminded me that i was much more into these dolls:


Anybody mental these? ns loved the Babysitters Club. At once I had actually all the books and also many of the videos. I had a few of the Barbie size dolls and then i think 4 or so of these 14 inch ones. I have actually no idea what occurred to them. It’s sad to think castle probably ended up in a garage sale. I’ve decided I will certainly not let this occur to my children’s toys. The classic ones anyway.

A friend of mine top top Facebook recently posted that she was frustrated through her girl’s our Generation 18 customs doll because the hair wasn’t manageable and she to be wondering if your was a far better brand out there. Therefore I assumed I would do a tiny doll comparison of the 3 brand that us own.


In the snapshot above native left come right we have McKenna one American Girl that the Year Doll, Kelsey (a trip Girl), and also Holly (an our Generation) 

The our Generation Dolls (Targets 18 customs doll brand) have a the majority of dolls to choose from and also a good range the clothing and accessories at the lowest prices the the 3 brands. The doll herself runs around $23. However, after purchasing our an initial Our Generation doll ns am no satisfied through the quality. She is equivalent to the size and also thickness of the American Girl Dolls, yet of the three her face is no as realistic and also her plastic does not feel as sturdy as the other two brands. But my huge complaint is through her hair. Right out of package I knew we would have problems with it as soon as the hair came in a disarray to begin with, and also even after some brushing we might not seem come tame it. So because that that factor we will certainly not be buying an additional OG brand doll. However, i cannot speak enough good things about the our Generation accessories. This Christmas the girls got the RV/Camper from ours Generation and 3 of the horses and you really can’t to win the price! we will definitely be buying an ext in the future. 

 Journey Girl Dolls (ToysRus Brand) have 6 dolls to select from. Lock run about $32. Their deals with are beautiful done, and their eyes space so pretty it does not bother me that they carry out not open and shut. The dolls have actually rooted hair similar to the OG dolls yet it is much easier to take care of and even after gift loved by a three year old i am able to gain the hair ago looking great! The dolls are skinnier than the OG & AG dolls. That really is the only trouble I have actually with them and only since it is difficult to share garments with the OG & AG dolls. The JG clothes are also tight or carry out not to the right at every on the AG & OG and the AG & OG space too large for the JG. However we favor the outfits because that the journey Girls since they are good quality and very contemporary in style. We space able to placed some that the AG garments on them and also the girl don’t psychic if it’s a tiny baggy. Uneven the AG & OG Dolls journey Girls are only stuffed indigenous the rubbish down, so ns think the little sleeveless tops and dresses look an ext realistic top top them since there is no exposed towel at the shoulders. So for $10 an ext than the our Generation brand i would certainly recommend journey Girls together your girl’s an initial 18 inch doll or in addition to her American Girl Dolls. An excellent Quality in ~ a good Price! we love lock so lot we now have actually all 6! i should additionally mention that ns really choose the trip Girls accessories as well. We very own the loft bed that reminds me a tiny of the one the American Girl offers and also the girl love it, ns think my only thing is that the chairs the come with it it seems ~ on the tiny side and don’t look size ideal for any type of of the dolls, however my girls don’t yes, really care.

 American Girl Dolls have actually a million to select from, and there is simply something so appealing about them. I loved taking my earliest to the American Girl location in Chicogo back in November, and I’m looking forward to taking my youngest sometime this year to let her experience it too.


American Girl ar Chicago in November with our friend Janet, Emma & Audrey (Me and also Moo space on the right)

The prices are outrageous! however the quality is outstanding and also for that factor we room lifelong American Girl fans. Ns think yes, really my just complaint (other 보다 the price) is ns actually choose the rooted hair (like trip Girls) as opposed come the wig. Yet the wig is lot fuller, which i think is necessary because of the lot of hair that is shed while brushing.

 We to buy an American Girl doll end the summer in ~ a garage sale because that $10. She hair was pretty messed up and also had some bald spots, but for roughly $20 I had the ability to buy wig off of Ebay and also after watching some video clip tutorials top top YouTube i was may be to replace the wig myself. If ns were to carry out this again ns think I would compare some wig brands the are accessible to check out if ns can find a fuller wig but as whole we were happy through the new look and also so for $30 we got a an excellent deal. Also earlier in December we were may be to get Marie Grace and also Cecile (two the the AG historical characters) for a just $50 consisting of their accessories. ( ns think it to be $60 each when shipping to be included however it to be a $124 value each!). A friend of mine called me one morning and also told me that the Today show as walking to it is in revealing a coupon code transaction for American Girl.

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Before that component of the present aired I chose to examine out some details online and it turned out that the code had currently been posted since it had actually aired in earlier time zones already! i was able to acquire the deal, but a few of my friends who tried ~ me were not. The dolls were offered out even before the part of the display was aired here! yet the point of every this is that occasionally you can find a deal!


And that’s my review! expect it was helpful in helping you decide which doll you’d prefer to buy! If friend have any type of questions or have actually anything you’d choose to include comment below!