You’ve probably heard that someone having actually to acquire their “stomach pumped,” particularly if you’ve been of drinking period for a few decades now. It has actually historically been offered as a hazard to discourage excessive and irresponsible...

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You’ve most likely heard the someone having to obtain their “stomach pumped,” particularly if you’ve to be of drinking period for a few decades now. It has actually historically been offered as a threat to discourage excessive and also irresponsible drinking, specifically among teens. Even millennials, who attended high school throughout the late ‘90s and also ‘00s, heard this threat.

This procedure, i beg your pardon is officially well-known as gastric suction, is a means to easily remove stomach contents. Because that example, it deserve to be provided to remove harmful materials (like poisons or overabundance medicines) indigenous the cradle tract, to collection stomach acid, or to clean the end the stomach to prepare for an top endoscopy.

The procedure starts by numbing the throat to reduce irritation. Then, a pipe is placed through the mouth, down the esophagus, and into the stomach. The pipe then suctions the end the stomach materials like a vacuum.

The goal of “stomach pumping” is to protect against the harmful building materials (like alcohol) prior to it travels more through the GI tract and causes an ext problems. Or, in the case of endoscopy preparation, gastric suction can aid quickly clean the end the stomach prior to a last-minute upper endoscopy.

Despite the notoriety, “stomach pumping” for alcohol is pretty rarely these days. If you or a friend goes overboard top top vodka sodas, it’s much an ext likely the a healthcare provider will merely monitor your crucial signs and hook you as much as an IV come rehydrate you. Relying on the severity of your intoxication, oxygen masks or other interventions may be needed.

Plus, gastric suction—like any type of procedure—comes v some risks. You might potentially breathe in the materials being suck from the stomach, or you might get a perforation or hole in the esophagus.

While the long-used threat of “getting her stomach pumped” may not be relevant anymore, the health dangers of binge-drinking space still an extremely real. Besides, do you really want your party to end in a pilgrimage to the ER—regardless of whether it’s for an IV or a gastric suction?

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