Actor and also comedian George Lopez, ideal known for his sitcom specials, is a familiar name in the us comedy scene. His uncanny capacity to hilariously explore issues related to race, politics, and life great is what provides him for this reason popular. Lopez primarily draws inspiration for his acts from the Latino community. For instance, his Netflix special, ‘We’ll perform It for Half’ dissects social differences, emotional support animals, sex reveal parties, elevator etiquette, amongst others.

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The multiple-award-winning personality to be named amongst “The peak 25 hispanics in America” through Time magazine in 2005. Apart from that, Lopez has additionally starred in lot of shows and movies. Today, let’s gain to know him a little better. Review on!

George Lopez’s Family

Lopez is a aboriginal of Mission Hills, LA, and he was born on April 23, 1961. The is the son of Frieda and also Anatasio Lopez. Lopez had actually a challenging childhood. In ~ the mere period of 2 months, once he was still a baby, Lopez’s dad left him. After ~ he got to 10 years, even his mother deserted him. Lopez flourished up under the treatment of his maternal grandmother, Benita Gutierrez, and also her husband, Refugio Gutierrez.

In 1993, Lopez married Ann Serrano. Ann is a producer and also actress, known for ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’, and also ‘Autumn’.

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Ann Serrano: photograph Credits: Fox News

The pair has a daughter named Mayan, that was born in 1996. However, Lopez and Serrano divorced in 2011, owing to personal differences. Meanwhile, Mayan is an actress, known for ‘Kill Her! Mata La!’, ‘Mr. Troop Mom’, and ‘Handsome: A Netflix an enig Movie’.

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