In Naruto, over there is a character called Gaara, who possess the capability to manipulate sand to block attacks, elevate him on a communication of sand, and also use in damaging assaults (such together "Sand Tomb", i m sorry crushes his enemies in a "fist" that sand).

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How can Gaara regulate sand in this way?

If it"s since of the Ichibi,

why did the not shed his powers after the Ichibi was extracted indigenous him?



Based on the recent manga I believed it to be a power offered to him by

the love that his mother.

From the wiki:

It was unknown at an initial whether or no Gaara sand defence was still automatic together it was believed that Shukaku to be the resource of the defence. However, the fourth Kazekage states that Gaara"s mother Karura to be the resource of the defence, as she truly did love him and vowed to always protect him.



It"s outright declared that such techniques are known to his clan. Gaara controls sand the same means other ninja manage other elements. What girlfriend spoilered only helps that by offering him an expanded pool of power to use to fuel them.


Gaara"s powers of regulating the sand doesn"t come native Shukaku. Shukaku just manipulates it. The strength was given to Gaara by her mommy Karura by a jutsu i beg your pardon took she life. Recall that Gaara shed his life once Shukaku was extracted. Chiyo Baasama resurrected him and he still provides sand.

Gaara"s strength originated as result of his association together the host of Shukaku, the One Tailed Beast, a construct of mythic power created of life chakra. Shukaku"s strength was the capability to manage sand and also transfers this gift to its organize to assist protect it versus threats.


Chosen indigenous birth as the jinchūriki, Gaara of the Sand Waterfall, had a large amount the stamina and vast levels of chakra and thus is able to use plenty of chakra-taxing sand-based techniques, periodically in quick succession, before coming to be exhausted.

As a trained shinobi, the learned how Shukaku"s strength worked, augmented and adapted them to a technique he would certainly retain even after Shukaku had been removed from him. Gaara might manipulate any sand but it was simplest if he to be manipulated sand the was currently infused with chakra. He carried a gourd top top his earlier of chakra-infused sand v him to do it less complicated for him to perform his techniques.

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In some means he came to be even more powerful since so lot of his chakra had actually been tied increase in controlling the jinchūriki. There is no it he to be able to increase the quantity of sand he can control and interact through spiritual powers which augmented his defensive powers.

The forth Kazekage theorized that Gaara"s mother was the resource of his Sand Shield technique as she passed away in childbirth and also is thought to have linked her heart to his.