The Hunger Games: 10 Saddest Deaths, Ranked as result of the nature that the universe it"s set in, The Hunger gamings saw countless loved personalities die. Below are the series" saddest deaths, ranked.

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The madness successful Hunger Games series ended with the release of Mockingjay part 2 in 2015. The influence of the franchise, however, has lasted, and also many fans still mourn the loss of few of their favorite personalities they watched die onscreen. Katniss suffered through countless losses yet ultimately managed to discover a happy ending with Peeta and also their children.

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In stimulate to overthrow a violent fascist government, Katniss and her allies had actually to hit back. In spite of her ideal efforts, Katniss couldn"t save everyone she cared about. Here is a list of the 10 saddest deaths in the series.

while at first Cato could have been presented as a villain, the moments before his death in The Hunger Games gave much more context to the character. Raised from a young period to hit in order to do his district proud, Cato never knew any type of other life than that the a optimistic victor. The may have been bloodthirsty and also cruel, yet he never knew any kind of other way. Katniss seems to establish this in his critical moments, shoot him with an arrow as an action of mercy.

back he may not have had actually the most display time, the impact that Castor"s death has on his brother is heartbreaking to watch. In Mockingjay component 2, Castor dies in the tunnels under the capital, after president Snow sends out horrifying mutations after ~ Katniss and also her squadron. His fatality is quick, but the effect it has on his brother is immediate and also very, very sad.

Thresh, among the tributes from ar 11 in Katniss" an initial Hunger Games, didn"t spend much time socializing. He immediately established himself as a major player in the games, claiming his territory and also fending off the Career fill on his own.

When Katniss checked out the Cornucopia to get the medicine that would conserve Peeta"s life, Thresh might have eliminated her, yet spared she life instead, after ~ hearing that Katniss had been allied with Rue. His death developed offscreen, yet still had an impact on Katniss (and the audience).

7 Mags

Mags to be a personality that, prefer Katniss, we couldn"t help but like. Despite being physically weak, she volunteered for Annie, Finnick"s future wife, so the the mentally stormy young woman wouldn"t have to face another Hunger Games and could have actually a opportunity at a life through Finnick.

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Mags confirmed her selfless nature once again in the 75 Hunger gamings when she provided her life so that the others could escape the poison fog the Gamemakers had unleashed on them. Her death was tragic, but ultimately really heroic.

It"s easy to feel bad for all of the personalities that passed away in the 4 minutes 1 Quell, due to the fact that they to be promised a relaxed life ~ being subjected to the gamings in their childhood. Wiress was intelligent and kind, and also Katniss take it an instant liking to her. Her discovery that the arena operated choose a clock assisted her allies immensely, and also our heart damaged with Beetee"s once we watched her die at the hands of one of the careers.

5 Boggs

Boggs was a leading figure in the rebellion against the Capitol. The was recognized for his fantastic leadership and solid moral compass. He always had Katniss" back, even when it expected going versus President Coin, and he made choices with integrity.

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Played excellently by Mahershala Ali in the Mockingjay movies, Boggs was a character the audiences immediately liked and also trusted. Through his dying breath, he gave over command come Katniss, putting every one of his belief in her and finally permitting her to take matters right into her own hands.

Cinna, Katniss" stylist, to be the first person indigenous the Capitol to take a actual interest in her and to display her kindness. A talented designer, Cinna supplied his skill to help draw attention to Katniss prior to the gamings so that she might get sponsors. In spite of the peril it would put him in, he also used his skill to assist the rebellion.

In a choice that would at some point lead come his death, the designed Katniss" wedding dress so that it would certainly go up in flames, revealing a mockingjay dress finish with wings- the price of Katniss" token, and also a prize of rebellion in the Districts.

3 Finnick

Finnick Odair, the winner from ar 4, to be charming, flirtatious, and also arrogant. Underneath his public persona, he was additionally a loyal and loving friend. He secretly joined the rebellion and also helped save Katniss and also Peeta alive in the 4 minutes 1 Quell.

While life in ar 13, the bonded through Katniss end their concern for their loved persons being hosted hostage in the Capitol. His kind, loving nature do those around him feeling safe. His fatality in Mockingjay was absolutely one the the most brutal and devastating in the series.

when Katniss volunteered for her sister in The Hunger Games, Rue automatically reminded her of Prim. Her youth and sweet innocence endeared her to the audience, however made the likelihood that her making it through the Games really slim.

When she conserved Katniss from the Career pack by alerting her to the tracker jacker nest, the two chose to team up. Rue lured the Careers out from their camp if Katniss go out up your supplies. In a tearjerking scene, Rue is killed by another tribute prior to Katniss can save her. Katniss sings come her till she dies, and also covers she in flowers. Rue"s fatality affects Katniss long after her first Games.

1 Prim

The story begins with Prim"s surname being referred to as at the reaping; Katniss volunteers and also the rest is history. Primrose, Katniss" younger sister, is the most vital person in she life. The events that are collection in activity are all due to her early stage desire to safeguard her small sister, which is why Prim"s death at the finish of the battle is so devastating. Prim had actually trained to it is in a medic in ar 13 and also rushed to help the wounded when a series of rebellion bombs go off. What no one saw coming was the 2nd set the bombs, killing Prim and many others, and effectively ending the war through their brutality.

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