IMAX through Laser is at the California scientific research Center!

Transport you yourself to awesome brand-new worlds and also engage her senses in endless colors and also soul-stirring sounds! experience the sharpest, brightest, clearest and most vivid digital images ever before produced. With Laser projection, audiences will suffer colors that exist in the genuine world, yet could never prior to be displayed on screen. Coupled with IMAX"s next-generation 12 channel surround sound system, IMAX with Laser will attract you into the action like never before. It is much more than a technical evolution—it’s a re-imagination the the movie theater experience.

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What is contrast and how go it advantage the the town hall experience?

Contrast is the difference between the whitest white and also the blackest black. Filmmakers love it, however it’s to be a difficulty with existing digital projection systems. IMAX has constantly delivered the biggest contrast but now, through Laser, IMAX has reached contrast levels substantially greater than ever before. Getting more contrast way more detail in the image – particularly in an extremely dark or bright scenes – and also a heightened level that realism that provides you forget you space watching a movie.



how does IMAX’s Laser modern technology compare to other contending Laser systems?

IMAX has a long background of innovation. It’s constantly feather at just how it have the right to do things better. In developing its next-generation Laser system, it take it a radically different strategy from rather in the industry. This wasn’t about making a couple of tweaks and enhancements here and also there, or just swapping the end xenon bulbs for a Laser light source. It exit the means projection systems have actually been built until now and started native the ground up. Partnering v Barco, and also combining the patents it obtained from Kodak and its own intellectual property, IMAX invented a device that takes advantage of all of the benefits Laser provides.

How go the new technology impact 3D? will I still must wear glasses?

A Laser light source provides substantially an ext brightness than a xenon pear and allows IMAX to strength its largest display screens with also sharper and more lifelike images. This is far-reaching for 3D since 3D glasses dim the image. V the IMAX Laser, audiences are going to be able to experience full brightness in 2D and also 3D.

IMAX is equipping its brand-new Laser venues through new, state-of-the art 3D glasses the were selected to optimize the experience noted by the Laser system.

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IMAX Laser delivered the best-projected pictures we have actually experienced, with deep blacks, shining images, and also a staggering level that detail.