Peach cobbler is so basic to make however is absolutely delicious. In the unlikely event that that doesn’t get consumed on the very first day it’s made, you might be wondering what your storage options are and whether it requirements to be refrigerated.

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According to the USDA, peach cobbler go not have to be refrigerated because that the very first 2 job after baking. ~ 2 days, it need to be save in the fridge and can last up to 2 extr days, back the topping may end up being soggy. Freeze is another option, which will certainly make that last because that 3 to 4 months.

To maximize how long your cobbler lasts, ns recommend a an excellent pie warehouse container.

Read on for my comfortable peach cobbler storage guide, where I prize some usual questions and give a few tips to maximize how long the delicious pie continues to be good.

Why Peach Cobbler need to Be Refrigerated

While you have the right to leave her peach cobbler in ~ room temperature, there are some cases where it should be refrigerated. If your room is particularly humid or hot, this will reduce the size of time the you deserve to leave your peach cobbler out without the going bad. The could also make your peach cobbler soggy, i m sorry nobody wants!

How Long can a Peach Cobbler Sit Out?

As long as her peach cobbler has actually a high street content and also no unbaked eggs or dairy, it will certainly be safe at room temperature for 2 days. However, after ~ 2 days, you will should either keep it in the refrigerator (2 days max) or freeze it (3-4 months max).

Like countless other baked goods, friend don’t should refrigerate peach cobbler automatically after preparation. Even so, that is a an excellent idea to loosely cover it through plastic wrap and also to save it in a cool, dry place, far from straight sunlight. Make certain to placed it in an airtight container once relocated to the refrigerator or freezer.

Here is the pie warehouse container ns recommend. That is precious its load in gold for exactly how well the keeps cakes or pies fresh. Ns really like how it’s both freezer and microwave safe. Besides that, it’s an attractive dish the is perfect for delivering to one event.


How Long can a Peach Cobbler be Refrigerated?

Peach cobbler deserve to be stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days if put there after it cools. For this reason if you know that your peach cobbler isn’t going come be consumed in the next 48 hours, placing it in the fridge will buy friend an extra 2 days. However, many human being say the it tastes fresher if not refrigerated ~ baking.

It is always a great idea come wrap your peach cobbler prior to putting the in the fridge, together this makes it much less likely that moisture will obtain into her cobbler. Additional moisture provides it more likely that your peach cobbler will acquire soggy. You can even plunder individual portions (unless the peach cobbler is going come be eaten all in one go).

Here space some comfortable individual pie storage containers that i recommend. The ideal feature is that you can hold several pieces in one bigger container and also then eat them one by one as you like, there is no disturbing the other slices.


Can You freeze Peach Cobbler?

You can certainly freeze peach cobbler. If that isn’t walk to be eaten any time soon, or if you are making batches come keep, a good option is to freeze it. Her peach cobbler will certainly last roughly 3 to 4 month in the freezer. Make sure you pick a great airtight container to store it in.

The same container that ns recommended because that storing in the fridge also works well because that the freezer.

How to correctly Freeze Peach Cobbler

Peach cobbler can have a couple of different types of toppings. Here are 2 approaches that have to cover girlfriend no issue what kind you make:

Biscuit Topping Cobblers

If your peach cobbler uses a biscuit-type topping, friend should always bake it prior to freezing it. If you room freezing peach cobbler that has already been baked, you will desire to make certain that that doesn’t walk soggy.

Make certain that that is completely cooled prior to you put it in the freezer and also place it in one airtight container.Place part baking record over the cobbler itself before you seal the container to prevent ice crystals from forming, which might make it go soggy together it thaws.

Pie crush or Crumble Topping Cobblers

If her peach cobbler has more of a pie late or a crumble topping, you have the right to either frozen it before or after baking.

If you room freezing your peach cobbler prior to baking, all you have to do when you’re ready to usage it is throw it in the oven. Include 20 minutes of baking time on optimal of just how long it typically takes, and also your peach cobbler will certainly be together perfect as if you had actually put that all together that day.

Additional Cobble warehouse Tips

If friend really desire to take her peach cobbler skills all year round, girlfriend can always buy in a pack of fresh peaches once they’re in season and also store them prepared for the off-season.

A really convenient method of law this is to do the peach cobbler filling v your fresh peaches, section it out so that it’s precisely the best amount for peach cobbler. Here’s how:

When girlfriend are prepared to bake her peach cobbler, take the pour it until it is full mixture the end of the freezer and also thaw that in the refrigerator overnight. When the mixture has actually thawed, you can bake with it as normal.

Pro Tip:Remember not to throw away any type of liquid that settles in the zip lock bag ~ thawing, as this is part of the mixture’s flavor.

How to Tell if Peach Cobbler has actually Gone Bad

Unfortunately, peach cobbler does no last forever. If the is left for also long, it will certainly go bad.

There room a couple of ways come tell if your peach cobbler has actually gone bad.

Mold Present-Obviously, your peach cobbler is no longer safe to eat and should be thrown away if there is clearly shows mold.Texture-Before the mold appears, peach cobbler will start to get mushy and soggy together it begins to go off.Smell-Our noses space pretty an excellent at detecting when something has gone bad, so that is constantly a an excellent idea to carry out a odor test before you eat any type of peach cobbler that has been stored for a while, even when that looks fine.

Final Bite

Peach cobbler is a versatile and tasty dessert that is quick and easy to make. When early on American settlers realized that they didn’t have the ingredients to makesuet puddings, they put together a dessert using what they had – dried fruit and biscuit dough – and the cobbler to be born.

There are plenty of choices for storing any kind of extra cobbler the you have leftover, or you can even plan to make more in development for use at a later on date. You don’t need to refrigerate peach cobbler if you will certainly be eat it in ~ 2 days. Refrigerating will make it critical for approximately 4 days, and also freezing it will make it critical for as much as 4 months. You have the right to freeze unbaked peach cobbler for later use, or friend can even just freeze the filling.

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Whatever method of warehouse you choose, i hope her meal is a sweet one!

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