Here is a sample of inquiries asked in the Reid Report, an honesty check for job applicants. Reid officials will certainly not say what is the "right" price for any type of question. Instead, psychological experts analyze the whole examination to make a reference to prospective employers: ---

-Do you think you space too honest to steal?

-Since you have actually been 15 years old, have actually you thought around stealing anything from a keep where you were shopping?

-Do friend think policemen space usually honest?

-If you discovered when you got home that a salesgirl fail to add a $1 item that you bought, would you return the following day and pay the $1 come the store?

-Did you ever before think about stealing money from locations where you have actually worked?

-If you can get into a movie without paying, and also be sure you would not acquire caught, would you carry out it?

-Do you constantly tell the truth?

-Do you gain stories of successful crimes and also swindles?

-If you were a large store owner and also you uncovered out the an employee had actually stolen merchandise indigenous you, would you fire that if the total amount to be worth much less than $5 in one year?

-For 20 years, a guy took $10 every week from his employer for needed support of his family of 10 children. When he had raised his last child, an additional employee said the boss what the man had actually been doing. Need to the ceo fire the man?

-Do you think an employee must tell his boss around seeing one more employee stealing from his company?

-In the past 5 years, exactly how much money, if any, have actually you gambled on horse races?

-Have you ever borrowed money from a company where you operated without your employer"s knowledge?

-Do you feel it is acceptable for an employee to usage marijuana or other drugs throughout work hrs or breaks if it does not interfere v his or she effectiveness?

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Odd News // 1 day ago
Man buys 20 identical lottery tickets, wins 20 times for $100,000 total
Oct. 29 ( -- A Virginia guy bought 20 identical tickets for the exact same lottery drawing and won 20 top prizes because that a total jackpot that $100,000.

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Odd News // 1 day ago
Boa constrictor found in bushes behind Chicago-area home
Oct. 29 ( -- Police in a Chicago suburb room trying to find the owner the a big boa constrictor found in the bushes behind a home.

Odd News // 1 work ago
California male wades right into floodwaters come rescue drowning kitten
Oct. 29 ( -- A California guy waded out into floodwaters to rescue a struggling kitten native drowning, and his wife captured the minute on video.

Odd News // 1 day ago
Sealed copy of "Super Mario Bros. 2" sells for $88,550 in estate sale
Oct. 29 ( -- one auction house handling an heritage sale because that a newly deceased Indiana woman claimed a sealed copy that 1988 video clip game at sight Mario Bros. 2 marketed for a lining $88,550.

Odd News // 1 day ago
Dutch university"s rare "penis plant" blooms
Oct. 29 ( -- A rarely flower nicknamed the "penis plant" bloomed in ~ a Netherlands university"s factory garden, a rare incident in Europe.
Odd News // 1 day ago
Welsh woman"s take care of Potter collection earns Guinness human being Record
Oct. 29 ( -- A Welsh woman earned a Guinness human being Record for her repertoire of 5,284 piece of take care of Potter memorabilia.
Odd News // 1 day ago
Japanese start-up takes hoverbike for a spin around racetrack
Oct. 29 ( -- A Japanese start-up unveiled the single-rider hoverbike with a video clip showing the airborne car circling a track.
Odd News // 1 job ago
Man spins football on his finger because that 21.66 seconds, sets Guinness record
Oct. 29 ( -- A brother Columbia man asserted a Guinness people Records title as soon as he be crazy a football on one finger for 21.66 seconds.
Odd News // 2 days ago
Clerk convinced Michigan man to to buy jackpot-winning lottery ticket
Oct. 28 ( -- A Michigan guy who doesn"t usually play lottery games said a save clerk talked him right into buying the ticket the earned him $25,000 a year because that life.

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Odd News // 2 days ago
Alligator discovered lurking in apartment facility storm drainpipe in Alabama
Oct. 28 ( -- one alligator was relocated from an Alabama apartment complex after gift spotted lurking in a storm drain.

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