Analingus, rimming, ass licking, eating ass, everything you desire to call it - it can be a many fun to give and receive. As long as you have actually trust, consent and also communication if doing it, it deserve to be supervisor enjoyable because that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, preference, or your anatomy.

We"ve currently explored why these women enjoy rimming your boyfriends, yet what walk ass licking feel like to obtain as a mrs or vagina-having person? Here, part folks share your thoughts top top loving, hating, or simply feeling indifferent around eating ass. And they phone call us specifically what the feels like to receive. PS - thinking about trying rimming and also want to nail it? right here are ours tips.

What go ass licking and eating ass feeling like?

1. "The emotion itself is whatever, yet what turns me on is I know my friend is losing his mind end my ass."

2. "Amazing! It"s no as psychic blowing as vaginal oral, however it"s a completely different feeling."

3. "My partner"s moustache is always a little scratchy down there, and the sensation is okay but not psychic blowing, not as nice as continual oral. I’d it is in OK without it in my life, but god cursed he is tough as a absent afterwards, so every little thing it’s doing because that him is completely worth it."

4. "I really like it. There are a most nerve endings there, and also people host a lot of tension over there too, and also when the sphincter muscles relax it"s a totality level of relaxation and also openness that ns hardly ever get come feel. But also, it"s so up-close and also personal, with the giver"s face and also tongue ideal there, it also gives me an unmatched feeling of being accepted 100%. And that"s fabulous.

"My husband is not right into it, so ns last gained it native a girlfriend"s boyfriend during a group thing years ago. And also what is up with people not liking when they rod the tongue in? the was a slithery feeling unlike something else, and I fucking love it. For this reason good."

5. "I"ve only had actually one man truly eat my ass, and also he was absolutely ridiculously right into it. It began as an ass massage (also extremely recommended) and I assumption: v he just wanted an ext and went because that it. The was really VERY great AT IT. I am virtually afraid to shot it with anyone rather for are afraid they won"t be able to live as much as the pleasure standard he set. He had a great mix of gentle licks and also applying an ext pressure, never jamming the in over there though. He additionally got ideal in there v his lips as well for more sensual variety, plus fingering mine clit/vulva in ~ the same time. I think I appreciated that he went to town on mine ass without ever trying to obtain inside it, which i am not certain I to be interested in. That felt very safe and oddly comfortable!"

6. "It felt really good but ns was additionally anxious "cause I retained being like, ‘Is he enjoying this though?’"

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7. "I was drunk and also horny, showered together, got all prepared... And also it pretty lot sobered me up and turned me off nearly immediately. Large let down, lol. Ns realised in that moment there’s a plethora of various other body components that feel much better being licked than that one."

8. "Meh. Feels prefer a slug trying to crawl right into your butthole. Ns don"t care for it."

9. "Simply fucking incredible. Much better than oral, better than sex. Mine ex and also I talked about it before he want to try it. I believed it was gross and also didn"t think it would feel good. In ~ some allude we to be fooling around and also he to be eating me out while i was confront down ~ above the bed with my target kinda sticking the end a bit. Fine he go from prior to back and then just spent part time there. He just kinda licked and kissed softly. And also his hands would be on my ass too, caressing.

"I felt paralysed, couldn"t relocate a muscle, and also just lay over there quietly, feeling every punch of his tongue on mine bum. I"m sopping wet afterwards and nothing gets me much more relaxed and also ready because that sex 보다 that. It"s choose muscles i don"t know I had acquire relaxed and also I feel prefer I"m an overcooked spaghetti. Ns fucking love it."

10. "Such a turn on ! If you like oral, climate it"s quite to have actually someone go under on you every the means and all over. Simply make sure you"re clean so bacteria isn"t transferred from your ass to your vagina or urethra."

11. "My goodness, the is for this reason good! ns wish over there were less awkward methods to bring it up with new partners... If you"ve never done it, in ~ least give it a try! (It won"t hurt or anything!)"


12. "Tedious. I"m no sexually perceptible in that area, so it"s boring. I can"t view my companion enjoying himself, so I"m alienated through the entirety process. The placing is uncomfortable, and also it would be outright rude come use the moment to do my nails or review a book or gain some job-related done or anything else that I have to do and also want to do. And, on top of that, because of the dynamics of the case (my partner is placing his mouth on my yucky bits) it additionally sounds hideously unappreciative because that me come complain about the tedium. So the added emotional labour of that dynamic offers me a feeling of, "Ugh, no this again"."

13. "It sort of had a nice, warm, and also wet massage feeling to it. Wasn"t as well exciting and doesn"t feeling simulating for me however the fact that my boyfriend loved licking the turned me on for this reason much and also made me feel sexy and confident."

14."I"ve only had my ass eaten by one male that ns was affiliated with and also i had no idea the was even a point someone would certainly wanna do, but it to be fanfuckingtastic."

15."I choose it in conjunction through a finger on mine clit."

16."It happened once, v a one night stand. Ns didn’t object, due to the fact that I to be curious and he appeared pretty enthusiastic around it, yet it didn’t feel prefer much, and the principle of assholes in and of itself makes me uncomfortable, so even if it had felt amazing, i don’t think ns would’ve to be able to reap it there is no reservation. And it just felt like a warm, wet thing by mine asshole."

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17."It was a mix of, "Hmm this is sort of nice" and, "Umm this is sort of weird". The poking v the tongue feels far better when I"m really horny, however it"s okay otherwise too. The licking is definitely hot one of two people way, actually. TBH, i prefer gaining my toe sucked, but it"s tho something I can enjoy. No toe sucking nor ass eating space on my list of the best turn ons, but there are still fairly pleasurable."

18."It to be unnecessary. I"d fairly get eaten out. When he was doing it all I might think is "why?""

19."There’s a lot of sensitive nerves down there that deserve to feel real good if excellent right. It’s more of a choice thing than an "everyone likes the thought and also tolerates the feeling"."

20."A couple of dudes have asked to do it on me and also it’s been meh every time. I think my butthole is less sensitive than other peoples’. Favor the very first time my SO and also I had actually this totality scene plan out and I was super horny and also excited however the emotion was just . . . So little. We quickly moved ~ above to various other things."

21."Felt about as pleasurable as gaining my elbow licked."

22."Ticklish, in the the very least pleasant means imaginable. Not a fan."

23."It really didn"t perform anything because that me. If it never ever happens again, I"ll be entirely OK with that."

24."For me, it"s legit the best means to get me all set to go together foreplay."

25."Didn’t really treatment for the feeling, the was type of kinky i beg your pardon was hot though."