U.S. Army Airborne School, more commonly recognized as Jump School, takes place at Ft. Benning, GA. This is wherein the bulk of army parachutists earn their straightforward qualification.

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The school’s simple jump food is three weeks long, and also consists of three phases: Ground, Tower, and Jump.

During Ground Week, students discover the basics that the parachute landing autumn (PLF), and also how come identify and control (sort of) the direction of your descent.

Tower Week gives the students practice in mass leave (lots of people exiting an plane quickly), deploying the combat load, and getting used to the physics shock from the opening canopy.

Jump Week…is once the funny stuff happens: actually parachutingfrom anaircraft in flight.



I left the aircraft and was metby a shocking wall of waiting from mine right.

“One thousand.” ns was blowninto a horizontal position.

“Two thousand.” The pressure of the air tossed my helmet about my head.

“Three thousand.” ns realized my eyes were closed and also opened them; I could see the very first two jumpers in the air ahead of me. Mine chin to be tucked to my chest. My hands clutched the political parties of my reserve parachute.

“Four thousand, 5 thousand.” I can feel the tug the the deploying parachute capturing air.

“Six thousand.” I reached up come grab mine risers, the straps that associated the parachute to the exploit on mine body. Ns looked increase to inspect the canopy. I necessary to make certain it had completely deployed and also that there were no rips, tears, holes, or damaged suspension lines.

No damage and it was open, however it was twisted. I ordered the 2 risers and pulled castle outwardaway from my head. I began kicking my legs as if riding a really awkward bicycle. Ns spun a couple times until the twisted undid itself and also the parachute opened up fully.

Then…it felt choose I was simply hovering.

There wasn’t lot noise. Every I could really hear was my breathing. The descent to be so smooth, i wasn’t sure I was even moving at all. I looked roughly to for sure no various other jumper was as well close come me, and to acquire my bearings on whereby I remained in relation come the fall zone.

I to be floating straight down.

My landing was great; ns executed a perfect PLF. Then i quickly collection to work putting the spent parachute into my aviator kit bag.

I was happy for an uneventful landing. I can have to be dragged by the parachute, landing in a bog, or caught a job of monster air and also dropped harder than expected. Easy day for me, though.

I picked up my aviator kit bag with invested parachute inside, and also headed because that the rally point.

I had actually completed my first parachute jump. And got paid to execute it. Not a negative day.

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Jeremiah i graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy v the course of 2009, and went top top to come to be a naval Corps intelligence officer. Prior to the naval Academy, Jeremiah to be a marine Corps Sergeant. He has deployments in the Pacific, and to Afghanistan.