So your fish has gotten into a fight or somehow gotten their tail and fin damaged.

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 Most aquarium fish can regrow their tails and fins to some degree but their ability to do so is not magic. You will need to find out what caused the damage so you can help to prevent it from happening again. There also has to be optimal conditions in order to encourage it to re-grow. With hygienic food and clean water, the area will develop new tissue and make new cells on its own.

Causes of Damage to Their Tail and Fins

If your fish has split fins, that is generally a sign of physical damage, which can come from a variety of sources. Many times it will manifest as a bite-size piece missing or a clean spit.

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One such cause is aggression from other fish, which is a common reason. The aggression from other fish can take the form of less fin-nipping from smaller or fish to fighting among other fish.They can injure their fin on ridged aquarium plants or decorations in the aquarium with sharp edges.They can get injured during transport in aquarium nets

How to Tell if Their Fins are Growing Back

You can tell if they are growing by closely look at them. If there is a clear membrane growing at the end, this is the re-growth. It looks similar to Saran Wrap and is very fragile. As it re-grows you will see the clear membrane starting to gain color. The odd thing is that the color may be different from what the original color was.


Fish can re-grow their tail and fin after it healsDamaged fins can be the cause of fighting, illness, or scratching them on aquarium decorations.Most will re-grow on their own with no help but sometimes you will need to use antibioticsWhen a fish has damage to its tail and/or fin, it can look painful and dramatic but most fish will heal from these as you would heal from a paper cut.If your fish develops fin rot, you need to treat it as soon as possible because it will progress quickly and a more serious infection can set in and kill the fish.On goldfish, if the tail to completely gone, it will not grow back.To heal, they need lots of healthy water.Their fin and tail are very fragile when they are growing back so you have to make sure that they do not damage it again.You may have to keep them in a separate tank while they are healing to prevent other fish from causing more damage.Do not add aggressive fish to your aquarium