searching here where is the info at that tells me the difference. The 2500 and 1500 look the same. I need to order the brake line and it shows the 1500 is different then the 2500. the weight class shows the same.....thanks

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The easiest way to tell between the 1500 and 2500 SUBURBANS is do you have full floating hubs? The 1500 BURB got the 9.5" 14 bolt diff(round cover) and does not have full floating hubs. The 2500 BURB got the 10.5" 14 bolt(octagonal cover) with full floating hubs(the axles are bolted in at the wheels). For a diesel though, the 1500 BURB is the same as a 2500 BURB with a 350 gasser as far as the drivetrain goes. It"s confusing as ONLY the 1500 BURB has teh 8 lug wheels and 3/4 ton light duty drivetrain(the 9.5" instead of 10.5" diff). For al lintentfull purposes, the 1500 BURB IS a 2500 chassis and uses all 3/4 ton parts.
A 6.5 engine. All gas 1500 Subs are light duty. All 6.5 1500 are basically 3/4 tons. 8 lug wheels, big brakes, etc. As stated, 2500s have full floating rear, 1500s don"t. Also 1500"s have a small air dam, 2500s don"t. 2500"s have slightly higher GVW. Other than that, about the same. Oh yes, 1500 are all (at least 2WD, not sure on 4X4) 3.42 axle ratios, 2500 are 3.73 or 4.11 as I recall.

For gas engines no, for diesel engines yes. GM is REALLY confusing as to how they optioned everything out. For BURBS there is the 350 gasser 1500 half ton with 5 or 6 lugs(2 or 4 wheel drive) and the 10 bolt 8 1/2" rear end. Then theres the diesel 1500 which is an 8 lug regardless of 2 or 4 WD, and I believe it is a 8050 GVWR chassis with the 9 1/2" semi floating rear end. For 2500"s they"re all 8 lugs, but the 350 gasser uses the 9 1/2" semi floater whereas the 454 and 6.5 uses teh 10 1/2" full floater. The 350 2500 is basically the same chassis as the 1500 diesel BURB, but with the 2500 front end parts. Then you get to figure in the snow plow prep package which gives you some MONSTER torsion bars in the front end, and then there is the up optioned heavier rear leaf pack that is one big son of a gun. Trucks is ALOT more confusing and would take up alot of time to break down all of the differrences.

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Just a note do not go by 1500/2500 badge get underneath and look. There are 2500 Diesel suburbans out there with the 9.5 SF/3.42 rear end I have one for starters and in prior such discussions others have chimed in to the same. As far as I am concerned the 1500/2500 labeling is a lottery when it comes to Burb"s.CheersNobby