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Who carry out you think is an ext similar come Puerto Ricans- Cubans or Dominicans? (people, move)
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One difference I noticed in between Puerto Ricans and also Dominicans is just how we work. Puerto Ricans, for a absence of a much better term, tend to be much more "free spirited" and "go through the flow." we don"t care how you job-related as lengthy as you carry out a good job. In mine opinion, ns feel us are much more spontaneous, even when it concerns work. No that us don"t take it our tasks seriously however we don"t constantly have to take it ourselves seriously and also be serious in every setting, even the workplace.Dominicans have tendency to be an ext structural, procedural, and to the rule when it pertains to work. The is no that one walk a much better job, the is just a different mindset when it comes to work. I also an alert that Puerto Ricans are very adaptable to the setting we are in. We conveniently blend in through any culture we space in. This is confirmed by high prices of intermarriage in between Puerto Ricans and also other Latinos, whites, and also blacks.Dominicans meanwhile tend come retain your heritage more, also American born Dominicans. I also met a third generation Dominican who speaks Spanish as fluent as someone who was born there.Dominicans take such a proud in their culture and self-reliance as a nation that it seems Dominicans would rather starve than to offer up their sovereignty. Ser un vende patria or even "kissing up" is really looked down on their culture, come the point that guys will acquire made funny of if someone sees they are over complementing,, also if the match is a irradiate one.By contrast, Puerto Ricans don"t care about complementing each various other the same method Dominicans, particularly Dominican men, can care. Again this are simply my observations. Don"t recognize whether any type of of friend agree.