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NCIS execute you think the (like Jenny and Gibbs did), Tony and also Ziva had "something" (or slept together) in Paris?!?

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I think they might of slept together however not actually "slept together" favor Gibbs and also Jenny did.There was part hinting though.. For this reason I carry out think other happened. ;)
yeah ttly. Once they claimed they were in paris ns knew the tiva to be gonna end up being like official. They claimed they slept together and also kept hinting at it the entirety time so ns guess yeah. Also tony dubbed her favor baby or something when they were flying. I recognize that was choose the whole time. It can have been when she handed the the cell phone.
I agree through Dani.... Ns don"t think they went as much as umm... Doing the horizontal hula (as ns heard it dubbed earlier on below lol)... Yet I am sure they slept in the exact same bed with each other & other happened... Yet don"t understand what.
I think they just cleared the air and things are ago to the way they were before the Rivkin thing, but nothing sexually happened
I"d choose to think they shared the bed, talked a little maybe had actually a tiny cuddle but no much more than that happened!! us do know Tony watched her sleep (which ns think is sweet!) I"d really choose if united state viewers gain to whitness their proper very first kiss together a couple tho!!
^ D"ya know, the truth that he watched she sleep never involved in my brain until just now! OMG! ns wonder if that was choose that dream i talked around on the Tiva spot? :D
I don"t really know actually... Castle slept in the same bed, that"s because that sure, yet it"s no the first time. (though, it"s the first time they execute this without anyone making castle sleep in the very same bed, Nobody required them ; among them can have quickly slept in the couch if they"d wanted to, right ? ^^) for this reason I"m puzzled... Plus, Tony appeared pretty cocky the following morning, around the reality that that "slept well" and also everything...
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