Act three, step one is a pivotal moment in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Tybalt confronts Mercutio and also Benvolio, demanding to know where Romeo is. When the young hero meets them, that is tested to a duel, which the refuses since Tybalt is now his cousin as result of Romeo’s marital relationship to Juliet. Mercutio and also Tybalt start to fight, bring about Mercutio’s death and placing the romantic leader on an inevitable crash course v misunderstanding and eventual suicide.Around line 90 of action three, scene one, Mercutio is stabbed through Tybalt. That yells, “I to be hurt; / A torment o’ both her houses! i am sped: / Is he gone, and hath nothing?” (3.1.87-9). Sped below means, follow to the Oxford English Dictionary, “to be discharged or permit go”. This is interesting because it could be taken to mean that Tybalt has actually let Mercutio go and that they have actually stopped fighting, which they have, or it could additionally mean the Mercutio’s life has let go of him and he is around to die. Romeo and also Benvolio reportedly think the the former explanation have to be the correct one and also don’t capture on come the pun. Neither guy realizes that their girlfriend is mortally wounded, specifically when that is still joking bitterly through them together he usually does. Benvolio doesn’t notification that that is hurt at all, questioning Mercutio, “What, arts thou hurt?” (3.1.90). Romeo make the efforts to lull Mercutio, telling him, “...the hurt can not be much” (3.1.93). Line 89 consists of Mercutio asking his friends if Tybalt has actually fled and if he has received any type of injuries. Tybalt has indeed fled from the three and also Shakespeare gives no clue regarding the nature of any injuries that may have sustained indigenous the duel through Mercutio.Lines 94 come 99 are complete of Mercutio’s wit. Speaking around his injury to Romeo, the says:No, ‘...... Middle of paper ......nd that a letter. The death of Mercutio i do not care the death of Romeo’s fun-loving side. The fact that us don’t hear anything about Mercutio, exactly how there is no mourning and not also a funeral help reflect that. Tybalt has actually a whole city mourning because that him and he is the cousin of among the trouble-making families. Yet Mercutio, the cousin of the prince, doesn’t also have a tiny funeral. Not even his ashes are scattered. As with the complete disappearance that anything having to execute with Mercutio, we never hear Romeo joking light-heartedly after his friend’s death. The side of him has completely disappeared.Mercutio’s death scene renders the ultimate ending of the play possible.

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After he dies, occasions progress much more rapidly towards the tragic finish of the two lovers. It is the point of no return, where fate takes over and the death of Romeo and also Juliet i do not care inevitable.