indigenous the movie, you can see the Gandalf to know Bilbo found something special during their adventure, however Bilbo did not tell him the fact in the end, nor did Gandalf pursue it. His last words seem come hint that he knows Bilbo has some endowment of far-ranging power top top him. At the suggest of their parting in the books, walk Gandalf actually understand or suspect the true identification of this an effective treasure?

Also, if the answer is correctly (he to know Bilbo has the One Ring), why did he wait so lengthy to set events in motion to ruin it?

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Gandalf definitely did not realise that Bilbo"s ring to be the One Ring at the finish of The Hobbit, or indeed by the begin of The mr of the Rings. The realisation come upon him slowly, and he only totally worked it the end years ~ the start of The lord of the Rings.

"How long have actually you recognized all this?" inquiry Frodo again.

"Known?" claimed Gandalf. "I have known lot that just the wise know, Frodo. But if you mean "known around this ring", well, ns still perform not know, one could say. There is a last test come make. Yet I no much longer doubt my guess.

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"When did I very first begin to guess?" the mused, searching back in memory. "Let me see - it remained in the year the the White Council journey the dark power from Mirkwood, just prior to the fight of 5 Armies, the Bilbo uncovered his ring. A shadow fell on my heart then, despite I walk not recognize yet what i feared. I wondered often how Gollum came by a an excellent Ring, as plainly together it to be - that at the very least was clear from the first.


And ns waited. Till that night once left this house. That said and also did points then the filled me through a fear that no indigenous of Saruman could allay. I knew at last the something dark and also deadly to be at work. And I have actually spent many of the years because then in finding the end the truth of it."