Sora, Donald, and Goofy cannot loss Ansem on their own, but using the ideal Kingdom hearts 1.5 Remix Keyblades must help.

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currently that Kingdom Hearts 3 has to be released virtually two years following Square Enix"s initial game, football player are finally getting a chance to test out the newest Keyblades. To seriously improve your game and become a completionist, obtaining all of Kingdom mind 1.5 Remix"s Keyblades is a must.

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The complying with Keyblades are amongst the top-tier tools from Kingdom mind 1.5 Remix. Learning which ones are superior is essential when playing Kingdom Hearts. several of the game"s boss fights, such as the final showdown with Ansem, check players" limits. Today, we room ranking the optimal 10 Kingdom hearts 1.5 Remix Keyblades. We hope you discover the Keyblade the is best for you!

Updated by Michael Connor smith on might 11th, 2020: If there"s anything from the Kingdom Hearts series that human being recognize it for, it would have to be the assorted Keyblades. This sword-like, oversized keys are an important part of any type of Kingdom mind game, and also we"ll be taking a look in ~ the people that began it all.

This perform was updated to include more Keyblades that seemed viable enough to it is in on this list. Kingdom hearts 1.5 ReMix has 19 obtainable Keyblades throughout the game, and also there were simply too many good ones to not leave out.

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The Kingdom vital is the most an easy weapon in the game, and additionally happens come be one of the many effective. Regardless of having lower stats, its role in the Kingdom Hearts series makes it a weapon that needs to be consisted of in this list. In Kingdom understanding 358/2 Days, the weapon can be upgraded previous its base form.

The Kingdom Key"s base stats space +4 Strength and +3 Magic in Kingdom hearts 3. Although the stats because that this weapon room not really high, its actual power comes to light as soon as Sora wields it. You don"t need to do noþeles to achieve this Keyblade. Normal video game progression will give every player a chance to wield this weapon.

In the very first Kingdom Hearts game, the three Wishes Keyblade can be obtained from Aladdin in Agrabah. The crucial is used to lock a keyhole in a later on mission the the map. 3 Wishes has actually varying appearances but appears like the photo over in its base form.

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v base stats of +6 strength and also 0 MP, the is not the ideal Keyblade in the game however is desirable for its above average stats in strength. Only two of 3 Wishes" upgrade develops can be watched in the initial Kingdom Hearts game.

If you didn"t already guess by the name, yes, the Crabclaw Keyblade is native The little Mermaid world. Ariel gifts the Keyblade to Sora after locking Atlantica"s keyhole. The Japanese name of the Crabclaw Keyblade is "Treasure of Sea."

v stats of +6 Strength and also +1 MP, this is an beneficial weapon to use. Because that those who use much less magic and also mostly rely on physical attacks, Crabclaw is an excellent choice. In addition to appearing in Kingdom Hearts, the Crabclaw Keyblade also appears in Kingdom hearts Chain the Memories.

12 Oblivion

while the Oblivion Keyblade might be among the coolest looking ones around, and it might seem extremely powerful due come its description, it gets outclassed by other Keyblades due to the nature that Kingdom mind 1, sadly.

sacrificing MP because that a +11 Strength an increase may not seem like a substantial deal at first, yet magic is absolutely an essential in Kingdom understanding 1, and also even a tiny decrease in MP is very noticeable. The divine Rose has comparable strength there is no the MP loss, and also this is only one of the better options for a highly damaging weapon. Also so, this is tho a strong and fun-to-use Keyblade.

Sorcerer Yen Sid would provide of the Spellbinder Keyblade because of that design"s ode come the cosmos. A crescent moon and also a star do this weapon stand the end in the lineup the Keyblades. The Japanese name of the Spellbinder Keyblade is "Examination." Both Yen Sid and Merlin can called to this weapon"s design.

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through +4 Strength and +2 MP, this is a well-rounded weapon the is most effective beforehand in the game. With only 30 Recoil, the difficulty of utilizing this Keyblade is low.

10 Lady Luck

Lady Luck is one of the most basic Keyblades to miss throughout your playthrough that Kingdom Hearts, as it"s obtained through a white Trinity note in Wonderland. If you occurred to forget about this Trinity mark or not backtrack with this level, this is one much less Keyblade you"ll have actually in her arsenal.

also by the time you have actually the power of the white Trinity note this is tho a relatively balanced Keyblade v +7 Strength, +1 MP, magnified Magic and also Summon power, and a vital hit boost, permitting it come last together a primary Keyblade for fairly a while.