Unlike golf clubs, golf balls might all look at similar, but all golf balls space not alike.

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Yes, they don’t come in a huge variety the shapes and also sizes, and always retain their dull, white aesthetic; however that go not median that every balls space made the same.

They come in differing sizes, weights and also covers.

The distinctions may it is in marginal ~ above paper, however they make a lot of of difference on the golf course.

Let’s take it a look at golf sphere sizes v some fun and also useful facts.

Table the Contents

Golf ball Size: finish Guide5. Golf ball size in cm, mm, and also inches.

Golf round Size: complete Guide


1. What is the typical size of a golf ball?


Golf balls come in different sizes.

However, over there are particular regulations that preeminence their size.

An main ball cannot have actually a diameter shorter than 1.68 inches.

Before the 80s, this figure used to 1.62 inches.

Although both this balls will perform differently, the difference is therefore nominal that you won’t have the ability to tell castle apart just by hold them.

The produce or sale of any ball smaller sized than 1.68 customs in diameter is illegal in golfing.

This measurement is equal to 42.68mm or 4.268cm.

A round with this diameter has a one of approximately 5.28 inches, i m sorry is 134.06mm or 13.41cm.

A golf sphere will have a uniform height and also width of 43mm on median with the provided diameter.

2. Are all golf balls the very same size?


The answer come this is both yes and no.

The golfing ar has agreed on one standard dimension for every tournaments.

All balls have to be the specified size for them to be used in professional competitions.

For usage in casual games, however, golf balls come in various sizes.

That being said, they will certainly not be smaller sized than 1.68 inch under any type of circumstances.

It should likewise be noted that bigger golf balls were much more common before the 80s.

Most manufacturers now stick come an median size that 1.68 inches.

3. When did the golf ball size change?

The dimension of the main golf ball offered in competitions no really readjust in the US.

The USGA, which is the administer body that oversees golfing tournaments, has always been using golf balls the 1.68 customs diameter.

However, things were a little bit different across the pond.

In Europe, the British open Championship was allowing players to usage a golf ball of a smaller sized size throughout the 80s.

The British open up is amongst the oldest and also the many revered golfing competitions in the world.

So when the R&A, the british governing body because that golf, allowed the use of the 1.62-inch ball, the was not contested.

Although the USGA walk not permit the usage of other balls, American players participating in the british Open had the option to choose the smaller sized ball.

Many great players of the time, consisting of Jack Nicklaus and also Arnold Palmer, switched come the smaller sized ball, also known as the british ball.

The two balls continued to be a bone the contention between golfing communities of both the countries for years.

Neither that the countries would acknowledge a singular golf sphere for international tournaments till 1990.

This was once the global golfing areas finally agreed the the minimum size of the golf ball for every competitions need to be 1.68 inches.

4. How broad is a golf ball?

The median golf ball has actually a width of 1.692 inches, i m sorry is 43mm or 4.3cm.

The width of the ball with a 1.68-inch diameter is the minimum acceptable dimension for the golf ball.

Larger golf balls with a diameter bigger than 1.68 customs can additionally have a larger width.

Golf balls v a broad of 43mm are the most widely used.

All the major players produce balls of this size, as these room the ones commonly used in skilled tournaments.

This size was agreed ~ above after much testing by top manufacturers.

Balls of this width sell a constant trajectory, i m sorry is best for competitions.

Moreover, these balls accomplish the optimal spin.

Regardless that the specific width, every golf balls space perfectly circular.

This way that they have a uniform height and width.

5. Golf ball size in cm, mm, and also inches.


The size of the golf sphere is measured by that diameter, i beg your pardon is the most crucial consideration.

It is additionally measured by its circumference, its width, and height.

The Diameter

in inch: 1.68in mm: 42.68in cm: 4.268

The Circumference

in inch: 5.28in mm: 134.06in cm: 13.41

The Width

in inch: 1.69in mm: 43in cm: 4.3

The Height

in inch: 1.69in mm: 43in cm: 4.3

6. What is the dimension of golf ball dimples?

Dimples may simply look favor an aesthetic choice, but they offer a greater purpose.

They are an essential part of the ball’s structure and also determine that performance.

The dimples impact the ball’s life and the drag it encounters once it has been hit and is in the air.

Generally speaking, there is no limitation inserted by any type of governing body on the size and depth that a golf ball’s dimples.

This is why dimples have adjusted over the years.

Even today, the size, depth, and variety of dimples top top a round will differ from manufacturer come manufacturer.

Despite there being no limitations, many manufacturers stick come 0.01 inches together the mean standard depth.

This is not a requirement, and also many balls have various depths.

There is also no standard size of how broad the dimples need to be.

7. How much go a golf round weigh?


Much prefer the dimension of the golf ball, its load is additionally regulated.

For main tournaments and also competitions, a golf ball must be 1.68 inch in diameter with a load of 46 grams.

For casual games, the ball deserve to be of any size larger than 1.68 inches, as long as it weighs much less than 46 grams.

This load of 45.93 grams to it is in exact, or 1.62 ounces, is taken into consideration to be the right weight in the golfing community.

Balls that are heavier or lighter than this lose their efficiency.

You will discover balls that don’t weigh exactly the same, i beg your pardon is acceptable.

However, no balls can exceed the maximum collection weight.

8. What is a golf sphere weight in every measurements.

We recognize that our guide is being read by aspiring golfers from all over the world.

Many countries follow various units the measurement because that official and general use.

This is why us have detailed the load in various units that measurement for the benefit of our worldwide readers.

in grams: 45.93in ounces: 1.62in lbs.: 0.10in kgs: 0.046

9. Exactly how to select the ideal golf ball size?


It will be clear also to newer golfers by currently that golf balls come in different sizes.

Although the dimension of the ball offered in tournaments is a much more popular choice, there is no set limitation ~ above it, as long as the is bigger than 1.68 inches and also does no weigh much more than 45.93 grams.

Balls additionally vary in terms of compression and firmness levels.

With so countless different varieties, selecting the ideal ball might be confusing, particularly if friend don’t have prior experience in golfing.

You don’t always need a round that meets competition guidelines; in fact, you hardly ever before need it for casual gaming.

To select the perfect round for yourself, you first have to identify what endure level you room at.

Are you a beginner that is just acquiring into the sport?

Or room you an intermediary player v some experience with golfing, even if friend don’t take into consideration yourself come be fantastic player?

If you room a brand-new player, don’t be embarrassing of selecting an much easier ball.

There room plenty that balls in the market, part specially designed for beginners.

These balls are fairly low difficulty.

They aid newer players obtain the hang of the sport without gaining too disappointed with not being able to get it right.

Generally, a sphere that is designed for beginners will certainly be labeled together such.

Such balls execute not travel as much distance as constant balls.

However, the short compression on them allows players to accomplish a more precise shot.

These balls are also great for players v a swing speed equal to, or reduced than, 85mph.

Another issue that many newer players have actually is being unable to hit the ball.

Although this have the right to be resolved by utilizing a bigger golf club, girlfriend can also go for a enlarge ball.

There space some great options obtainable in the market from noteworthy golfing brand such as Callaway.

10. What is the ideal golf ball dimension for beginner and intermediate golfers?


As a new player, you desire a ball that won’t deter friend from the sport.

Nothing is worse than shedding hope best at the beginning.

You require a sphere that offers you confidence.

Regardless that the size, pick a ball with low compression together they offer higher control.

Smaller-than-regular balls, choose 1.58 inches, are great for females and also individuals with good aim.

For seniors, a bigger 1.73-inch sphere is much more comfortable come hit.

If you have been playing golf for part time and consider you yourself to be sufficiently proficient, then you do not do it be giving yourself straightforward time through a sphere meant because that beginners.

Go because that a continuous ball, 1.64 inches come 1.68 customs in size, with tool or high compression.

Start with the reduced of the 2 difficulties and work your way up.

11. What is the radius the a golf ball?

This will depend on the dimension of the particular ball.

Considering the mean ball v a diameter of 1.68 inches, the radius will certainly be fifty percent of this measurement.

This is 0.83 inches, i beg your pardon is 21.3mm or 2.13cm.

A radius of 0.83 inches is the smallest skilled balls will have.

However, it will vary as necessary for casual balls of a smaller or larger size.

12. What is the crater-like design on the golf round called?

If girlfriend have ever seen a golf ball, you most likely remember its fairly prominent, indented surface.

The entire surface that the golf sphere is made up of several tiny dips inside wall together.

These are well-known as dimples.

The dimpled style came into being through chance, before which the golf ball provided to be perfect smooth.

The dimpled architecture has now come to be a conventional in golf.

It enables the round to reduced through the surrounding environment smoothly and also travel faster.

The dimples minimization the effect of drag forces that tend to slow the ball down.

13. I m sorry is bigger, a golf round or a ping pong ball?


A conventional 1.68-inch golf sphere is bigger 보다 a ping pong ball, however only through a margin.

Where the golf ball actions at 1.68 customs or 42.68mm, the mean ping pong round today comes in at 1.57 inches, which is roughly 40mm.

This renders it 6.28% smaller sized than the average golf ball.

This distinction used to be close to 11% up till a couple of decades ago.

When the ping pong ball was first invented through J. Jacques, it came at a size of 38mm.

This came to be the typical for ping pong balls till the size was changed to 40mm in the year 2000.

14. Room British golf balls smaller?

British golf balls may be smaller than 1.68 inches, but so deserve to American golf balls.

Casual golf balls come in at every sizes, both in the UK and the US.

However, there is now an around the world agreed-upon standard (1.68 inches) because that tournaments and other competitions.

This regulation is complied with in all tournaments.

Things weren’t constantly the same, and also there was a time when the British and American regulatory body did not see eye to eye.

This go on it spins the 1980s when the British open Championship allowed the usage of smaller balls.

Both nations agreed upon a typical standard in 1990.

15. How countless dimples room on a golf ball?


Just together the size and also depth the the dimples ~ above a golf round vary, therefore does their density.

Once again, this is since no regulations define the exact variety of dimples that golf balls have to be produced with.

The number of dimples depends on the dimension of the separation, personal, instance dimple.

A golf ball of 1.68 customs or bigger can have anywhere between two hundreds to five hundred dimples.

This relies on the manufacturer and also the form of ball.

You will even uncover two balls, through a different number of dimples on each one, being marketed by the same manufacturer.

Most manufacturers stick come an typical of 336 dimples every ball.

This, however, is not since of any collection guidelines that they need to follow.

This an option of dimples needs to do through the ball’s performance and dynamics when it is in the air.

As a general rule, the higher the density of dimples top top a ball, the greater it will lift as soon as it is hit.

Although this sounds choose a good thing, too lot lift isn’t valuable to any type of player.

The higher a ball lifts, the lesser street it will certainly travel.

Seeing as golfers require their sphere to take trip a decent distance, too plenty of dimples space detrimental to performance.

To strike a balance in between the lift and the street travelled, manufacturers stick to 336 dimples ~ above average.

Of course, this number will certainly vary in between balls, even those offered in tournaments, however not therefore much as to deteriorate the ball’s performance.

16. What execute the numbers typical on golf balls?

All golf balls come v a number printed on the surface.

Which numbers are printed and also how lengthy the collection is, counts on the manufacturer the the certain ball.

These numbers are usually single digit, indigenous zero to 9.

However, far better customizations now allow golfers to acquire balls through custom two-digit numbers.

So, what carry out these number mean?

They don’t mean anything, but they do serve a purpose.

These numbers are published for identification.

Consider a scenario wherein you and also your enemy are both making use of the exact same ball from the very same manufacturer.

The number on the ball assist differentiate between the two.

17. What is the liquid inside of a golf ball?

Some golf balls function a liquid core.

Liquid cores were more common in three-piece golf balls some time ago but room less typical today.

This is due to the adoption of more current design that do just too without the liquid.

Balls v liquid cores travel farther than continuous balls and likewise have a bit more swing to them.

Contrary to well-known belief, this liquid the balls room filled with isn’t danger or toxic.

What that is, exactly, varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

For instance, Titleist supplies a blend of corn syrup and saltwater for their liquid cores.

18. How plenty of golf balls have the right to fit in an Olympic sized pool?


For this calculation, we will certainly make 2 assumptions.

We space going to assume the the Olympic-sized swimming swimming pool in question just meets the minimum size demands for one Olympic swim pool.

These space 25m large x 50m lengthy x 2m deep.

The 2nd assumption we are going to make is the the golf balls we room filling the swimming pool with space the the the conventional size provided for tournaments.

This method that we will certainly be considering golf balls through a diameter the 1.68 customs or 42.7mm.

For general feasibility, we will conduct the calculation in mm.

If we were come perfectly stack the balls on optimal of each various other to to fill the pool, they would certainly stack the very same as cubes.

A cube the the very same size will have actually an approximate volume that 77,854mm.

Dividing the volume that the swimming pool by this value reveals that you can roughly stack 32,111,388 golf balls in one Olympic swim pool.

19. How numerous golf balls in a pound?

This is a fairly simple calculation.

Once again, we are going come assume the the golf balls in question are the median standard size offered in tournaments.

These balls weigh 45.93 grams, which once converted, comes to 0.10 lbs.

Going by the above measurements, wherein a standard golf ball measures 0.10 lbs., the is basic enough to calculate the ten such balls will certainly be the indistinguishable of 1 lb.

Of course, this is the maximum weight of a golf ball, and some balls weigh significantly less, so you could get an ext balls in a pound if the balls were lighter.

20. What is the one of a golf ball?

The circumference of a golf sphere of diameter 1.68 inches, which is the officially approved size for expert tournaments, will be 5.28 inches.

This is around the same length as 134mm or 13.4 cm.

This one will increase as you replace the sphere with bigger sized balls, which deserve to be bought for casual golfing.

21. Room European golf balls smaller?

It is crucial to understand that golf balls are sold in differing sizes everywhere the world.

Do you acquire balls smaller sized than 1.68 customs in the UK and the remainder of Europe?


But so can you gain them in the US.

However, the size of the golf sphere for international tournaments and competitions continues to be the same across countries and continents.

The sports in the size and other attributes of the golf ball recognize its an obstacle level.

Smaller sized balls with low compressions are good for beginners and larger balls far better suited for the elderly.

Such balls are labelled in different ways than constant balls and also are available regardless of location.

22. How countless golf balls have the right to fit throughout a golf cup?

A golf cup is a feet on the golf food which golfers aim for.

The size of the golf cup, favor the dimension of the balls, is regulated by the USGA in the US and also the R&A in the UK.

This dimension is 4.25 inches.

Golf cups that are bigger than this size enable for straightforward aiming and putting and are no fit for competitive play.

Taking into consideration the size of the official golf cup and also the size of the mean golf ball, i beg your pardon is 1.68 customs in diameter, the monitoring is clear.

A golf cup is large enough for two golf balls to be placed across it, noted you can uncover a way to balance lock both across the feet without them falling inside.

23. How plenty of golf balls have the right to fit in a Boeing 747?

A lot.

It is daunting to get an exact number together an aircraft is a much more complex structure 보다 something as simple as a swimming pool.

There space a many variables in ~ play, such together the variety of seats, various other fixtures, and also so on.

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Assuming that the 747 in question has actually been stripped that its seats, the can about hold a bit over 23 million perfectly stacked golf balls.