for this reason far all of Act i merchants have actually sold Green, Brown, or White dyes, while all of Act II merchants have sold Green, Brown, White, or Blue dyes. The variety of different colors because that sale, and which colour are obtainable seems to vary for each seller at any type of given time.

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So I"m thinking that certain merchants (or perhaps all merchants in a specific Act or Difficulty) just sell specific dye colour (correct me if I"m wrong below in a comment, and I"ll update)

Can someone provide me v a perform of whereby I can find each shade of Dye?

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All dyes are accessible at Myriam npc.

Dyes use was added directly to her user interface in job 2.4.3, removing dyes from vendors. Gold prices for dyes stayed unchanged.

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Dyes seem come be found per an obstacle level, and are random within the the game regarding what color you uncover with what merchants

Each difficulty level will certainly have new dye colors in addition to the water from the difficulty levels below it

Normal: Aquatic (Light Blue), feather (Light Green), Tanner"s (Brown), Winter (Light Grey)

Nightmare: Cardinal (Red), royal (Light Purple), Desert, Ranger (Green), loss (Orange)

Hell: lover (Light Pink), Elegant (Dark Pink), marine (Blue), Summer

Inferno: Gold, Inferno (Red), Abyssal (Black), Purity (White), Forrester (Green)


The only exemption seems to it is in the Act i dye seller in brand-new Tristan. He doesn"t seem come live by the same rules 보다 the various other Dye merchants do, although i haven"t quite identified what his rules are.

Normal: Green, Brown, and Light Grey only

Nightmare: Wasn"t payment attention

Hell: Only had Normal + Nightmare colors until either act II, or a specific point in action I. Ns can"t remember which, but do remember being disappointed the he didn"t have brand-new colors, and also know i spent rather a bit of time in plot I and also checked his colors plenty of times

Inferno: had actually two new colors the very first time I experienced him, so perhaps I simply had negative luck in Hell?