FOR instant RELEASEJune 24, 2010Release #10-273Firm"s recall Hotline: (877) 342-3418

Consumers also urged to check stabilizer bar assembly to prevent mattress support collapse

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Customer Product safety and security Commission, in teamwork with the firm named below, this day announced a voluntary recall the the following consumer product. Consumers have to stop utilizing recalled products instantly unless otherwise instructed. That is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled customer product.

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Name of Product: Delta cribs

Units: About 747,000 drop-side cribs; and all fixed and drop-side cribs utilizing wooden stabilizer bars.

Manufacturer: Delta Enterprise, of new York, N.Y.

Drop-Side Hazard: The cribs" fall sides can malfunction, detach or otherwise fail, causing part of the drop side to loss out the position, producing a room into i m sorry an child or toddler can roll and become wedged or entrapped, which have the right to lead come strangulation or suffocation. A son can additionally fall the end of the crib. Drop-side cases can also occur due to incorrect assembly and with age-related wear and tear.

Mattress assistance Hazard: In addition, the wood stabilizer bars on some Delta drop-side and fixed-side cribs have the right to be set up upside down, which put extra stress and anxiety on the crib and also can reason the mattress communication to collapse, producing a space in i m sorry an child or toddler can come to be entrapped and also posing a risk of strangulation or suffocation.

Incidents/Injuries: and Delta have actually received 57 reports including drop political parties that have actually malfunctioned or detached, resulting in three entrapments, consisting of two reports the bruises and one kid who dropped out that the crib. Additionally, is conscious of 19 reports in i beg your pardon stabilizer bars were installed upside-down, causing 10 mattress platform collapses. Two kids were entrapped yet freed there is no injury and also one son sustained scratches.

Description: This recall involves Delta drop-side cribs with three different varieties of drop-side hardware and Delta cribs v wooden stabilizer bars that assistance the mattress platform. Consumers have to visit for photographs and also models of the impacted hardware varieties and instructions on exactly assembly the the stabilizer bars.

Sold at: Children"s product retail stores nationwide and also on-line indigenous January 2000 through may 2009 for between $100 and $300.

Manufactured in: China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Croatia.

Drop-Side Crib Remedy: Consumers should automatically stop making use of the recalled drop-side cribs and contact Delta to obtain a complimentary repair kit that will certainly immobilize the autumn side. In the meantime, uncover an alternate, for sure sleep atmosphere for the child, such as a bassinet, play garden or toddler bed relying on the child"s age.

Mattress support Remedy: Consumers who have actually cribs through wooden stabilizer bars supporting the mattress should examine the stabilizer bars to ensure they space correctly mounted in accordance through the manufacturer"s instructions and inspect the joints of their crib for any kind of damage. If the stabilizer bars are installed upside down, stop using the crib immediately and also contact Delta for information on how to appropriately install the stabilizer bars or visit the firm"s website in ~

Consumer Contact: For added information, contact Delta companies toll-free in ~ (877) 342-3418 in between 9 a.m. And 5p.m. ET Monday v Friday or visit the firm"s website in ~

Note: More information around the special sector program come provide complimentary immobilization kits

Important post from reminds parents not to use any type of crib v missing, broken, or loose parts. Make certain to tighten hardware native time to time to save the crib sturdy. As soon as using a drop-side crib, parents should inspect to make sure the drop next or any kind of other moving component operates smoothly. Constantly check all sides and corners that the crib for disengagement. Disengagements can create a gap and entrap a child. In addition, carry out not shot to repair any side of the crib. Babies have passed away in cribs where repairs to be attempted through caregivers. Age is factor in the safety and security of any type of crib. At a minimum, staff recommends that you not use a crib that is older 보다 10 years. Numerous older cribs may not meet present voluntary standards and can have plenty of safety problems.

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Visit"s Crib Information center for an ext information on Crib Safety and also Recalls.


Three varieties of Delta drop-side hardware

Correct InstallationIncorrect Assembly
Stabilizer bar installed on crib(without a mattress-support plank installed)