Caledonia loser for first time since 2014 playoffs, while southern Columbia Area"s 62-game operation tops list.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021 1:45pm
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Every team has its work in the sun, and Lake City (Minn.) shined bright Friday halting the nation"s longest active high institution football victory streak in ~ 71 gamings with a 30-13 Southeast district season-opening victory over Caledonia (Minn.).
Lake City, which was 11-44 since 2015 and hadn"t had actually a win season since 2012, damaged a 13-all halftime tie v 17 unanswered clues in the second half to knock turn off the Warriors, that hadn"t lost because the 2014 state playoff semifinals. Follow to the short article Bulletin, quarterback Justin Wohlers accounted because that 275 yards, Jon Harvey had two the his team"s 4 interceptions and Kris Ryan clinched the dispute with a 57-yard touchdown run. It all ended the nation"s ninth-longest win streak of every time. Caledonia play without quarterback Eli King, one Iowa State-bound basketball player who chosen not to play soccer his an elderly season after suffering a knee injury ~ above the gridiron last year. Caledonia coach Carl Fruechte readily available no excuses, rather crediting Lake City because that an aggressive, "downhill" attack and also playing "the video game the way it"s claimed to be played."
"That streak is humbling, yet it mirrors what our community has done," Fruechte said reporter pat Ruff after the game. "If you"d have told me (in the so late 1990s) that we"d (win 71 right games), I"d have never believed you. But I am proud of the kids who played tonight, too. We"ve got great kids, and also they"re walk to it is in OK."
Said Lake City coach Trevor Narum: "Our kids believed in themselves. They had actually a different look in your eyes tonight."
All eye will now be on southern Columbia Area (Catawissa, Pa.), which currently owns the nation"s longest active win streak in ~ 62 games.
The Tigers defeated Bloomsburg 41-0 top top Friday after opened the season Aug. 27 with a 43-0 victory over Berwick. Top top Friday, they host Loyalsock Township (Williamsport) (2-0), which win Bloomsburg 34-14 to open the season.
Southern Columbia Area beat Loyalsock Township last season 50-20, the first meeting between the team"s because 2011. Due to the fact that 2004, southern Columbia owns an 8-1 edge versus the Lancers.
The many tigers haven"t lost a game since the 2016 PIAA course AA championship, 49-7 to stole Valley. They"ve outscored your 61 opponents since then (one victory was through forfeit), 3,193-553. That"s an average score of 52-9. They"ll need more than five more unbeaten seasons to strategy the national record the 151 set by De La Salle (Concord, Calif.) native 1992-2004.

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Two national peak 25 teams, No. 14 Chandler (Ariz.) and also No. 18 corner Canyon (Draper, Utah), own nationwide Top 10 victory streaks.