A fibrous joint that is a peg-in-socket is referred to as a ________ joint. A) suture B) syndesmosisC) gomphosis D) synchondrosis

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The cruciate ligaments the the knee ________. A) are also called collateral ligamentsB) protect against hyperextension the the kneeC) connect to each various other in your midportions D) often tend to operation parallel to one another

Articular cartilage found at the ends of the long bones serves to ________.A) kind the synovial membraneB) carry out a smooth surface ar at the ends of synovial joints C) produce red blood cell (hemopoiesis)D) affix tendons

A joint united by thick fibrocartilaginous tissue that usually permits a slight level of motion is a ________.A) gomphosis B) sutureC) symphysis D) syndesmosis

On the communication of structure classification, which share is fibrous connective tissue?A) pivot B) syndesmosis C) symphysis D) synchondrosis

Connective organization sacs lined v synovial membranes that act as cushions in places where friction establishes are called ________.A) menisciB) bursaeC) tendonsD) ligaments

Articulations permitting just slight levels of activity are ________. A) synovial joints B) diarthrosesC) synarthroses D) amphiarthroses

Which of the adhering to are cartilaginous joints?A) Gomphoses B) Syndesmoses C) Sutures D) Synchondroses

The ligaments that safeguard the alignment that the femoral and also tibial condyles and also limit the motion of the femur anteriorly and posteriorly are dubbed ________.A) tibial collateral ligaments B) anterior ligaments C) patellar ligaments D) cruciate ligaments

Bending her head back until it hurts is an instance of ________. A) circumduction B) flexionC) extension D) hyperextension

In the group of joints, i beg your pardon of the adhering to is true? A) Synarthrotic joints room slightly movable.B) every synovial joints are freely movable.C) Immovable joints are referred to as amphiarthroses. D) In cartilaginous joints, a share cavity is present.

Synarthrotic joints ________. A) are uncovered only in adultsB) have big joint cavitiesC) room cartilaginous jointsD) permit essentially no movement

Fibrous joints are classified together ________.A) sutures, syndesmoses, and also gomphosesB) symphysis, sacroiliac, and articular C) hinge, saddle, and also ellipsoidalD) pivot, hinge, and ball and also socket

In symphysis joints the articular surfaces of the bones are covered v ________.A) hyaline cartilage B) fibrocartilage C) synovial membranes D) tendon sheaths

Synovial liquid is current in joint cavities of easily movable joints. I beg your pardon of the complying with statements is true about this fluid?A) It includes hydrochloric acid. B) It contains lactic acid.C) It has hyaluronic acid.D) It contains enzymes only.

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Which the the complying with statements defines synchondroses?A) interphalangeal jointsB) amphiarthrotic joints designed because that strength and flexibilityC) cartilaginous joints wherein hyaline cartilage hold together the end of bonesD) joints that permit angular movements