The main difference in between middle ages and also renaissance is that renaissance to be the duration of the an excellent revival the art, literature, and also learning in Europe, marking the shift from medieval to the modern-day world.

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There room three timeless divisions of west history: timeless antiquity, middle ages period/middle ages, and also the modern period. The center ages duration began after the loss of the roman inn Empire. Renaissance is the duration that adhered to the middle ages. It is the bridge in between the Middle eras and modern-day history. Renaissance observed drastic alters and advances in countless areas, such together cultural, social, economic, and also political.

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What is middle Ages

Middles eras is likewise known together the medieval era. The middle eras of European history is between the autumn of the roman Empire and also the beginning of the Renaissance. This duration lasted indigenous the 5th to the so late 14th century. This is the middle duration of the classic divisions of western history: classic antiquity, medieval period/middle ages, and also the modern-day period. The medieval period itself has actually three divisions: early, high and also late middle ages.

After the autumn of the roman empire, the Catholic Church came to be the most powerful institution of the period. In fact, the center of medieval life is the Church. Kings and queens the this period derived strength from the Church. The nobles and also the Church-owned many of the land and also property. The systems of feudalism and also manorialism were popular during this era.

Medieval social Structure

There were three distinct classes in middle ages society: lords, vassals, and fiefs. The king (lord) owned all the land, and also he provided out parcels that land noble (vassals) that would promise loyalty and service come the king. The nobles, in turn, rented out their package of land to peasants (fiefs). However, prior to the king granted land come someone, he had to make that human being a vassal. This was done in ~ a commendation ceremony that had the two-part plot of homage and also oath that fealty. Throughout this, the king and also vassal gotten in into a contract – the vassal promised come fight because that the king at his command, if the king agreed to safeguard the vassal from an outside force.


Figure 1: Investiture the a Knight

Medieval Art and also Architecture

Medieval art and architecture consist of countless styles, including early Christian and Byzantine, Anglo-Saxon and Viking, Carolingian, Insular, Ottonian, Romanesque, and also Gothic. The art and architecture mainly centred around the Church. Sanctuaries were the largest buildings in medieval towns. Moreover, medieval art is one illustration that the passionate interest and idealistic expression of the Christian faith.


Figure 2: byzantine Monumental Church Mosaics

Medieval Literature

Medieval literature was additionally based on religious. Death and resurrection, good and evil, and heaven and also Earth to be recurrent Christian themes in works of literature. The code of chivalry and also courtly love were additionally famous themes in medieval literature. Most of the beforehand literature the the middle eras were additionally anonymous. Beowulf, Pearl Poet’s Pearl, Patience, Cleanness, and Sir Gawain and the green Knight, john Gower’s Confessio Amantis, Langland’s Piers Plowman, and also the functions of Geoffrey Chaucer including Canterbury tales are examples of medieval literature.

Most the the work used Christian themes such together death and resurrection, great and evil, and heaven and Earth. The code of chivalry and courtly love were also famous themes in medieval literature.

End the the center Ages

Between 1347 and 1350, the bubonic plague, which to be then known as the “Black Death” eliminated thousands of world in Europe. 30% the Europe’s population died as a result of this disease. Middle eras was a period marked by wars, famines, and plagues. Hence, people likewise call that the “Dark Ages”.

During the 11th century, feudal life started to adjust with the introduction of various farming innovations. Farming came to be efficient and also productive and required just fewer farm. Consequently, an ext and an ext people moved to towns and also cities. In the meantime, the campaigns had increased trade routes to the East, and also there to be a huge expansion in trade and also commerce. By the 14th century, a brand-new era dubbed the Renaissance to be born.

What is Renaissance

Renaissance the a duration in the background of Europe that followed the middle ages period. The Renaissance duration ranges indigenous the 14th come the 17th century and also is understood the bridge in between the Middle ages and modern history. This period saw drastic transforms and developments in countless areas, such together cultural, social, economic, and political. The name “Renaissance” comes from the French native which has actually the meaning “rebirth”. Many civilization at that proved an attention in classical learning, especially the discovering of old Greece and also Rome. Because that these people, Renaissance was the time of regeneration after the disorder and also devastation that the center ages. Throughout the Renaissance, over there were plenty of famous artists, writers, philosophers, and geniuses.

Renaissance began in Italy, yet it quickly spread throughout the totality of Europe. Italy is the birthplace that the Renaissance since it to be the centre of old Rome and Roman history and to be a very rich nation at the time with rich patrons supporting many artists and geniuses.

Renaissance Art and Architecture

Renaissance was a golden age for the arts and also architecture. There are plenty of art and also architectural success that are still very famous today. Numerous exceptional artists and also architects such as Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Sofonisba Anguissola, Filippo Brunelleschi, and also Artemisia Gentileschi, and also showed your uniqueness and also creativity.

Renaissance style focused ~ above symmetry, geometry, proportion, and also the regularity of parts, complying with the style of classic antiquity. Palazzo Farnese, The Sistine Chapel, Basilica that St. Peter, and El Escorial are examples of renaissance architecture. Mona Lisa and The last Supper through Da Vinci, The bear of Venus by Botticelli and also The production of Adam by Michelangelo Buonarroti are some instances of renaissance paintings. Paintings of this era often used unnatural shapes, linear perspective, and also depth perception.


Figure 3: inside of St Peter’s Basilica

Renaissance Literature

The development of the printing press caused the flourish of renaissance literature. Renaissance literary works was mainly influenced by the principles of Renaissance art, politics, and religion. It was likewise greatly influenced by Greek and also Roman literature. Drama and also poetry were the most renowned forms the renaissance literature.

The renaissance writers explored spiritual and social themes in their work; the religious themes were frequently explored v a completely different method than the middle ages writers—for example, john Milton’s Paradise Lost and Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus. Dante Alighieri, Giovanni Boccaccio, Miguel de Cervantes, Edmund Spenser, wilhelm Shakespeare, sir Philip Sidney, Christopher Marlowe, john Donne and George Herbert room some notable figures in Renaissance literature.

Important discoveries during Renaissance

Renaissance gave birth come many new ideas, cultures, religions, and also ways the life. It helped people readjust the way that they saw themselves and the world. Many human being expressed your uniqueness and creativity with art, technology, science, and also writing. Moreover, there were countless scientific discoveries, mathematical advances, and theorems. Items like the print press, guns, compasses, watches, and telescopes were invented during this period. In addition to these, scientists and also doctors likewise discovered new information around the human being body and also brought about many alters in the ar of medicine.

Difference between Middle Ages and Renaissance


Middle eras is the duration in European history from the loss of Roman empire the duration of the Renaissance when renaissance is the an excellent revival that art, literature, and also learning in Europe, marking the transition from middle ages to the modern-day world.

Time Period

Middle ages lasted indigenous the fifth to the 14th century when the renaissance period lasted from the 14th come the 17th century.


During the center ages, the Church dominated the society; the church was supreme to the state. In contrast, throughout the renaissance, the state was supreme to the church. Moreover, over there were several reformations in the religion, and people began to closely examine and also critique religion.

Art and also Architecture

Medieval art and architecture were mainly influenced by religion, while renaissance arts and architecture were influenced by standard Greek and Roman ideals. Medieval art is identified by one-dimensional figures, lack of perspective, absence of chiaroscuro, use of gold in figurines, etc. If renaissance art is identified by the use of perspective, usage of chiaroscuro, secular themes, boosted use that oil paints, and also depiction the real people in actual settings.


Medieval literature was mostly based upon religion; works of literature were written by hand; there was tiny political criticism. Renaissance literary works was much more secular, vernacular, and covered a selection of subjects. Over there was also an rise in the usage of the printing press.


When compared to middle ages, throughout renaissance there were drastic changes and developments in plenty of areas, such together cultural, social, economic, and political. As its name suggests, that a duration of renewal art, literature, and learning. Thus, this is the key difference between middle ages and also renaissance.

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