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The drive belt on a society Car criterion golf cart is critical component and using the right-sized drive belt is important for a smooth ride. Come primary duty of a golf cart drive belt is to affix the primary clutch and also the an additional clutch.

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The major clutch drives the cart and also the belt help it to turn the second clutch (they are referred to as the journey clutch and also the pushed clutch respectively).

The drive belt, unlike several of the other automotive belts, are very thick.

Now, four of the most typical problems you might encounter v drive belts under different problems are together follows:

The journey belt is also tight.It is as well loose.The drive belt is worn-out.The drive belt keeps slipping indigenous its position (can be as result of a utilizing the wrong dimension belt).

How execute you resolve these issues?

To check if the drive belt is as well tight, follow these steps:

Switch turn off the golf cart’s engine.Reach to where the journey belt is located and also use your fingers to press the drive belt between the 2 clutches.The belt need to deflect at least one and a fifty percent inches under the pressure of your fingers.If it no yield, the drive belt is also tight.

If the deflection is an ext than 1½ inches, then the belt is too loosened and the is recommended the you replace the journey belt.

How to Troubleshoot drive Belt because that Club vehicle DS

The basic advice offered by professionals whenever the issue of journey belts crops up is to replace the belt. If you are driving the Club vehicle DS, any issue through the drive belt have the right to be quickly noticed.

You may uncover the dare slowing down and climbing slopes can be very an overwhelming with the cart not responding as necessary to the throttle.

If you uncover these symptoms, you have to do a appropriate inspection of the journey belt. Make sure that the golf cart’s engine is turn OFF. One inspection have the right to reveal if the journey belt is damaged. Examine if that is too tight or loose.

In situation of a damaged, tight, or loose belt order a brand-new one. Replacing the drive belt is no a very an overwhelming task. The more important thing right here is come buy the correct journey belt.

If you provide the model details and also the serial variety of your Club automobile to the components supplier, they will send friend the exactly belt.

Once you have actually the new belt, you have the right to remove the old one and install the brand-new drive belt. Because that removing the old one, follow these steps:Switch turn off the golf cart’s engine.Take a screwdriver and also gently insert it in between the belt’s bottom and also the clutch’s groove.Slowly turn the clutch and the belt will come turn off easily.If the belt is already loose, acquisition it the end is very easy.Wear a pair of gloves once you perform this type of task.

Fixing the brand-new belt is excellent by beginning with the main clutch. Fix over it and also stretch the belt to put it over the second clutch and rotate it. The belt have to be seated properly now. You deserve to do the finger check to check that the play is much less than 1.5 inches.

Choose the major Duty journey belt together it is just one of the best, under daunting working conditions.

How Tight should the journey Belt be in a Club automobile Golf Cart?

The ascendancy of ignorance is that the journey belt should neither be also tight nor too loose. If the journey belt in a Club automobile golf cart is loose then friend won’t gain the compelled speed when driving. If the belt is too tight then her starter will be under strain and this should be avoided.

The finest test to see if a golf cart drive belt has the correct stress is to use the Finger Test. Press the journey belt v one finger at its center in between the two clutches. It have to sag by simply an inch and also a half.

Another method suggested by an professional is to walk for a drive belt that is 1-inch much shorter than the stock belt in her cart. Part golf dare models come through a tensioner the helps friend to readjust the drive belt’s stress to the right level.

How to change the drive Belt ~ above a Club auto Golf Cart

Switch the engine off after parking the golf cart.Allow the engine come cool, if it has been to run for part time.Remove the engine cover.You will have the ability to see the journey belt now.Use an open-end wrench to loosen the drive belt stress and anxiety bolt.This bolt is top top the front clutch pulley.Remove the drive belt by sliding it turn off the former pulley.Slide if off the rear clutch sheave next, to disengage the completely.Now, with the new drive belt monitor these steps in the reverse; plunder it end the rear wheel first.Stretch the belt end the front pulley.You will need to pull the front clutch pulley a small forward to produce tension on the belt.Tighten the stress and anxiety bolt using a wrench.

Now your Club car golf cart has a brand-new drive belt and you will be able to feel the difference when you drive the dare around.

How to eliminate the drive Belt ~ above a Club car Golf Cart

The removed of the journey belt on a Club auto golf cart involves a collection of actions as offered below:

Turn the Forward/Reverse manage to Neutral.Chock the wheel of the cart.Disconnect the battery by removing the an adverse cable first, followed by the positive.Disconnect the spark plug wire from the plug.It would certainly be much better to stay gloves as soon as you do this.Removing the journey belt involves holding the belt v both hand in the center between the driven and also drive clutches and also lifting the belt. You must now revolve the driven clutch counter-clockwise and slip the belt off the sheave.You have the right to then on slide the drive belt turn off the journey clutch.

If you have actually the hands-on issued through the manufacturer that the Club auto golf cart, you deserve to turn to page 215 (Troubleshooting- 17). It has actually a pictorial description leaving friend in no doubt as to how to strategy the belt removed process. You should do this patiently with abundant caution.

How to adjust the drive Belt top top a Club auto Golf Cart

There is no provision because that adjusting the journey belt ~ above a Club auto golf cart. If you uncover the belt loosened or as well tight, you need to go for a instead of belt. Selecting the best belt and ordering can pose a challenge. You will have to order a journey belt that is 1-inch much shorter than her stock belt.

This will certainly ensure that the drive belt continues to be tight and enables the dare to move at the desired speed. Countless users space thrown into a resolve as they room stuck with drive belts that the wrong size.

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