Although over there isn’t a advertising Bend, Oregon airport, travelers can quickly fly to and from the area via the nearby Roberts field Airport or 3 other major airports just a few hours away.Read more

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Roberts Field-Redmond Municipal airport (RDM) is the closestly commercial airport come Bend, located 16 miles northeast in Redmond. Portland global Airport (PDX) is situated 159 miles / 3.5 hours from Bend. Eugene airplane (EUG) is located 137 mile / 3 hrs from Bend. Boise plane (BOI) is situated 308 miles / 5.5 hrs from Bend.

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Roberts Field-Redmond Municipal airport

The Roberts ar Airport is the key commercial Bend, OR airport. That is situated in Redmond, just 16 miles northeast of Bend.

Airport Code: RDM Location: 16 mile north of bend via Hwy 97. Airlines: This Redmond Oregon airplane is served by four airlines: United and also United Express, Delta, Horizon, and also Allegiant Air. Airport Services: Services include a pub, complimentary WiFi, ATM, and also conference room. Getting To/From the Airport: Travelers have actually several options to acquire to and from the bending Redmond Airport. These incorporate several airport and also private spaceship services, rental cars, private limousines, and also taxis.

Portland global Airport

The Portland global Airport is a big airport offered by a dozen different airlines. It has a huge variety of services available to travelers and is conveniently located just off I-205 in Portland, Oregon. The is around 3.5 hrs northwest the Bend.

Airport Code: PDX Location: 159 miles northwest of bend in Portland, Oregon, via I-205 to I-5, climate Hwy 22 to Hwy 20. Airlines: 12 airlines serve PDX including United, Delta, Horizon, Alaska, Delta, and American. Airport Services: PDX uses a full range of services consisting of several gift and specialty shops, several restaurants, coffee shops, rapid food eateries, lounges, ATM, complimentary WiFi, bank, mail services, and also a conference room. Getting To/From the Airport: friend can acquire to and from PDX via taxis, city cars, rental cars, and also shuttles.

Eugene airplane

The Eugene airport is around 3 hours east of Bend. Oregon’s second busiest airport, the is located along the I-5 corridor in Eugene, Oregon.

Airport Code: EUG Location: The Eugene plane is 137 miles eastern of bend via Hwy 126 come Hwy 20. Airlines: This airplane is served by 4 airlines: Delta, United, Horizon, and Allegiant Air. Airport Services: A gift and also news shop, bar and grill, lounge, ATM, cost-free WiFi, wheelchairs, gallery, and a FedEx drop box are accessible at the Eugene Airport. Getting To/From the Airport: A shuttle service is available, and also several taxi and also car rental companies.

Boise airplane

The Boise plane is served by 7 different airlines and also offers its passengers a variety of services. The is conveniently located just off I-84 in Boise, Idaho.

Airport Code: BOI Location: The Boise airport is 318 miles eastern of bending in Boise, Idaho via I-84 to Hwy 20. Airlines: BOI is offered by 7 airlines including United, Delta, and also Horizon. Airport Services: The Boise Airport has actually a range of restaurants and other eateries, gift and also specialty shops, ATM, free WiFi, lounges, and also coffee shops. Getting To/From the Airport: Transportation alternatives to and also from BOI incorporate taxis, shuttles, town cars, and rental cars.