Dear Tom,What perform isobars stand for on weather maps?—Mal Wallis, LyonsDear Mal,A bar is a metric unit the pressure and isobars room lines top top a weather map that affix points of equal air pressure. Because variations in air pressure drive atmospheric winds, isobars give meteorologists an easy method to assess wind direction and also speed.Closely spaced isobars indicate large pressure alters over a tiny area and suggest strong winds. Extensively spaced isobars portray a weak push gradient usual of light wind situations.Isobars additionally determine wind direction. Winds in the north Hemisphere punch clockwise about highs and counterclockwise approximately lows. Frictional results at floor level cause winds to blow across isobars at around a 30 degree angle toward reduced air pressure.

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Chicago salaries war top top gangs, but some speak fingerpointing oversimplifies total violence issue

by Tahman Bradley / Nov 5, 2021

CHICAGO — Summer that 2021, v Chicago in the midst of a surge in pistol violence, market Lori Lightfoot and the police department declared war on gangs. 

With support from an essential members that the City Council, the mayor presented a setup to sue gangs for your assets.

Woman carjacked in ~ gunpoint in former of Hyde Park home caught on video

by Brónagh Tumulty / Nov 4, 2021
CHICAGO — A woman hosted at gunpoint and then carjacked late August spoke out Thursday night around the terrifying ordeal.

Adrienne Miguest recalled the moment she knew she was in trouble.


Man charged in killing of WWI vet lacking since 1976

by connected Press, note Sundstrom, Nicole Johnson, Nexstar Media cable / Nov 4, 2021
NEW YORK (WPIX) – A 74-year-old guy was arraigned on a murder charge Wednesday in link with the death of a people War i veteran who disappeared almost 45 years ago in new York City, and whose stays were uncovered in 2019.

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Martin Motta was arrested Wednesday morning at his Jamaica, Queens home on murder charges, authorities said.




Chicago salaries war ~ above gangs, however some say fingerpointing oversimplifies total violence issue

Chicago Crime / 23 mins ago

Woman carjacked at gunpoint in prior of Hyde Park home recorded on video

Chicago Crime / 7 hrs agoVideo