These are frequently asked concerns (FAQ) about singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks.

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Biography & early Years

“You are a beautiful child…” early childhood and also teen years.

What is Stevie’s actual name?Stevie’s full name is Stephanie Lynn Nicks. Stevie is a nickname the dates back to her early on childhood as soon as she had actually trouble pronouncing her name. She had referred to as herself “TeeDee.”

Where was Stevie born?Stevie to be born at great Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, on might 26, 1948.

Early years

Where go Stevie prosper up?Because that Stevie’s father’s regular job promotions, the Nicks family relocated often when she was a child. Right here is a perform of areas where the family lived:

Phoenix, ArizonaAlbuquerque, New MexicoEl Paso, TexasSalt Lake City, UtahArcadia, CaliforniaAtherton, CaliforniaChicago, Illinois (Stevie had actually stayed earlier in California to to visit school and pursue music.)

The Nicks family eventually returned to Stevie’s birthplace the Arizona, stable in Maricopa County.

Stevie alludes to the frequent relocations in the tune “Candlebright” (recorded because that the 2001 album Trouble in Shangri-La), in which she describes herself as a “nomad” who’s been “rolling approximately totality life.”

Well, you know me, I’m a nomad i can’t feel bad around the method I am I’ve to be rolling approximately my whole life You’re mine candlebright in the window

Menlo Atherton High school photo, 1966

Where walk Stevie go to school?As a young child, Stevie attended public schools. For 8th and 9th grades, she attend Wasatch junior High in Salt Lake County, UT. Though elevated Episcopalian, Stevie finished up attending a strict Catholic high school in downtown Salt Lake City for her freshmen year since she did not keep a B typical while in junior high school, a stipulation from she parents.

When the Nicks family was relocated to southerly California, Stevie attend Arcadia High school for her sophomore and junior year (1964-1965). In the middle of her junior year, she moved to Menlo-Atherton High college in north California, wherein she graduated the following year. She took classes at Cañada College, a neighborhood college in Redwood City, California, and also later specialty in speech communication and also minored in psychology at mountain Jose State university (University). Stevie would have actually pursued a job in teaching if she didn’t success in the music business.

Although Stevie did not graduate indigenous Arcadia High School, she to visit the class of 1966’s 40th reunion (at the Westin Hotel in Pasadena, California ~ above October 7, 2006), wherein she reminisced v her old classmates.

Did Stevie have actually a job before joining Fleetwood Mac?Yes. Stevie held customer company positions before joining Fleetwood Mac in 1974. She was a hostess/waitress at facilities like Clementine’s and Bob’s huge Boy in Los Angeles. She also famously cleaned producer Keith Olsen’s house (a.k.a. “The clean Lady”) if she to be recording v Buckingham Nicks in the at an early stage 1970s.

Where does Stevie live now?Stevie right now resides at various properties in southerly California.

How tall is Stevie?Stevie is 5 feet, 1 inch.

What’s Stevie’s shoes size?6.5

What’s Stevie’s eye color?Brown

What is Stevie’s astrological sign?Born might 26, Stevie is a Gemini.

What hand does Stevie create with?Stevie writes v her ideal hand.

Writing in she journal

Family & Friends

“You give into your friends…” The civilization who are closest come Stevie.

Stevie Nicks’ parents, Barbara and also Jess Nicks

Who room Stevie’s family members members?Stevie’s parents were Jess Seth Nicks and also Barbara Meeks Nicks. Jess, 80, passed away on respectable 10, 2005, and Barbara, 84, passed away on December 28, 2012. She has actually one younger brother, Christopher, who married and later divorce Stevie’s backup singer Lori Nicks. They had one child, Jessica James Nicks, Stevie’s niece. You have the right to read an ext about Stevie’s family history at Genealogy Magazine.

Glen B. Parrish, Jr.

Who is Stevie’s godson, the one that inspired the tune “You Can’t resolve This”?Stevie’s godson to be Glen B. Parrish, Jr., the boy of Stevie’s previous manager glen Parrish, Sr. The younger Parrish died on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at a UCLA fraternity party, allegedly from alcohol and also prescription-medication toxicity.

Who is Stevie’s ideal friend?Stevie has specifically discussed Lori Nicks, Sara Fleetwood, Mick Fleetwood, Waddy Wachtel, and the so late Robin Snyder Anderson to be her best friends, yet Stevie has numerous close friends.

Does Stevie have any children?No. Due to the fact that of her career, Stevie has chosen no to have actually children. In People, Stevie revealed that she had thought about adopting a kid (a girl) but changed her mental after realizing the the demands of her life would certainly not be compatible with increasing a child. She would certainly have called the kid “Lillian Rebecca.”

Because that Stevie’s caring, maternal nature, however, numerous of her close friends have actually entrusted her to it is in the godmother of their children. She additionally considers Matthew Anderson, the son of she ex-husband Kim Anderson and also late best friend Robin Snyder, come be her stepson. Matthew now has actually a daughter called after his late mother.

Who is Sharon Celani?Sharon Celani is just one of Stevie’s backup singers. In 1977, Stevie met Sharon at The Blue Max, a nightclub referred to as The Blue Max ~ above Lahaina, Maui’s prior St. Sharon had actually been performing there, to sing Warren Zevon’s “Poor poor Pitiful Me” (later spanned by Linda Ronstadt and also Teri Clark). Impressed v Sharon’s singing, Stevie asked she if she would certainly be interested in singing v her in the future. They hit the off and also later rehearsed “Blue Water,” a tune that Stevie had actually written in Maui. 

Who is Lori Nicks? Lori Nicks is among Stevie’s backup singers. Stevie met Lori through Gordon Perry (Lori’s ex-husband), who knew Buckingham Nicks producer Keith Olsen. Prefer guitarist Waddy Watchtel, Lori is just one of Stevie’s the next friends. Lori later on married Stevie’s brothers Christopher, and together they had one child, Jessica “Jessi” James, born September 27, 1991. (Lori and Christopher space no longer married.)

Who is Sandy Stewart?Sandy Stewart is a singer-songwriter who has collaborated v Stevie on plenty of songs, such together “If everyone Falls,” “Nightbird,” and also tracks from Stewart’s 1983 solo album Cat Dancer. Stewart also co-wrote the songs “Seven Wonders” from Tango in the Night, “Maybe Love Will adjust Your Mind” from Street Angel, and “Too much From Texas” from problem in Shangri-La. 

Who is Michael Campbell?Michael Campbell is a guitarist native Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, that has typically collaborated with Stevie. As with Sandy Stewart, Campbell’s role has to be to administer instrumental tracks, to which Stevie can include her lyrics. “Whole Lotta Trouble,” “Freedom,” and “Blue Denim” are just a couple of examples of your collaborations. In 2018, Campbell join Fleetwood Mac on their “An Evening v Fleetwood Mac” tour.

Who is Stevie’s assistant?Karen Johnston has actually been Stevie’s loyal personal assistant and close friend because 1990. Karen took care of Stevie’s previous Phoenix home for plenty of years. Before then, Ginny “The pan Mail Lady” Kamano assisted Stevie. Karen’s sisters Kelly co-wrote the Fleetwood Mac track “No inquiries Asked.”


“There is magic all around you…” All around Stevie’s fabulous relationships.

With David Young

Who was Stevie’s an initial boyfriend?Stevie’s first real friend was David “Dave” Young and also the topic of the first song she ever before wrote, “I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost.” Stevie met David when attending Menlo-Atherton High school in northern California, during the so late 1960s. She often dedicates “Landslide” come Dave as soon as she performs in the mountain Francisco just Area, wherein he lives with his wife.

Who are Stevie’s an excellent loves?Stevie has actually said that David Young, lindsay Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and also Joe Walsh space the an excellent loves of she life. She has written songs around all four men. In her live performances the “Has Anyone ever Written Anything for You,” she has spoken about “the men in her life,” revealing “As complicated as it has been, they to be poets. However they were priests of nothing. Yet they were legends. And also I believed there to be a connection.” Stevie has had many fabulous romances!

Has Stevie ever before been married?Yes, once. Stevie married document executive Kim Anderson in 1983, but the marital relationship only lasted 3 months. They walk not have actually children. Anderson had actually one child, Matthew, through the late Robin Snyder, who died of leukemia in 1982. Stevie continues to be in touch with both Kim and Matthew Anderson. Stevie considers Matthew come be she stepson.

Music & Career

“You’re the poet in mine heart…” The brilliant songs of Stevie Nicks.

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What is the tune “Sara” about?“Sara” is mainly about Stevie’s three-month affair with Mick Fleetwood in 1978. The an initial half the the tune is about their romance. The lyric “and that was just like a good dark wing within the wing of a storm” specifically refers to Mick.

But, like countless of Stevie’s songs, “Sara” alludes to different things, together the initial version contains many unreleased verses. “It’s around myself, and also what every one of us in Fleetwood Mac to be going v at that time. The true variation of that song is 16 minute long. It’s a saga with numerous verses world haven’t heard.” (Us, 1994)

“Said Sara…you’re the poet in mine heart.”

The song’s location was inspired by Stevie’s great friend Sara Fleetwood. “I provided her name since I love the name so much.” (EW, 2009). Stevie evidenced in the liner notes of the Tusk reissue (2015) the the Sara referenced in the song was, indeed, her ideal friend Sara Fleetwood, who helped her throughout the record of the song. “My girlfriend Sara was there when I composed it. She maintained the coffee going and kept the cassettes coming and also made certain we didn’t run out of batteries, and it was a long, lengthy night recording the demo. She was a good songwriter helper. Sara to be the poet in my heart. She likes to think the was every written around her, yet it really wasn’t. She in there, because that sure, but it’s written about a many other things, too.”

“When you construct your house…”

Eagles drummer Don Henley believed that the lyric “when you build your house, call me” was about him. “I was building my house at the time,” Don said, “and yes sir a heat in the song that says, ‘And once you construct your house, call me.’” (GQ, 1991). Stevie confirmed Don as the catalyst for the really lyric, telling Ryan Murphy in 1994, “That is true.”

But the lyric’s meaning seems to it is in broader. “When you develop your house” was about when you get your plot together,” Stevie created in the 2015 Tusk reissue liner notes. “Then allow me know, because until you acquire your act together, i really can’t be about you.” Stevie hinted the line can actually be about Eagles songwriter J.D. Souther. “Mick to be the “great dark wing within the wing of a storm,” however when ns was going v Mick, ns was hanging out through J.D. Souther and also he kept saying, ‘You do know this partnership with Mick is never going to work, nothing you?’ and also I said, ‘Well, once I obtain out that it, okay let you know.” and also so yes bits and also pieces of that there talk to me.”

“There’s a heartbeat and also it never ever really died…”

For many years, it was rumored that she had come to be pregnant v Henley’s child. “I believe, come the finest of mine knowledge, came to be pregnant by me. And also she named the child Sara, and also she had actually an abortion – and also then wrote the tune of the same name to the soul of the aborted baby,” Henley told GQ magazine in 1991. 

Stevie handle the pregnancy and also subsequent abortion in a 1994 radio interview. “He blew it on the truth that I had an abortion. He told a huge magazine that… I would never have actually told that—I would never have actually told the people that. 92 phone call calls indigenous Don and also 800 apologies later, well, the story’s the end now.”

In 2014, she shown the pregnancy to Billboard Magazine. “Had ns married Don and had that baby, and had she to be a girl, i would have actually named her Sara. However there was another woman in mine life named Sara, who soon after that ended up being Mick’s wife, Sara Fleetwood.”