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This difficulty has to be going on for a while. As soon as I press the brake pedal and shot to transition from park to any gear (drive, reverse, etc) that won"t shift. I have noticed the if the shot and transition and push the brake pedal in ~ the specific same time, that sometimes permits you to shift out that park. My just other alternative is transforming the ignition on, moving to N, then beginning the truck. As soon as I execute that i can transition to Drive and also Reverse v no proble. But as quickly as I shift back right into Park, the problems remains...can"t shift out that Park.
I dont have actually the publication with me, i will gain you the repair procedure tomorrow as soon as i get home... I had actually this pic due to the fact that i just took it for a friend! except his doesnt call for the brake once it should...
Do her brake lamp work? If no then it"s probably just a bad brake lamp switch at the brake pedal.
Yes, my brake lamp work. Thanks for this info. I evaluate it. Ns amgoing to occupational on this over the weekend. What"s the procedure for shutting down the waiting bag?
No problem, that"s why were here. I have actually learned in my short time below this is a very friendly and helpfull community.
I have actually a 98 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71; I"ve had actually the same problem yet it"s intermittent
and the brake switch has been replaced. It appears that if ns don"t start the truck and move the key to certain spot I deserve to move the gear transition to neutral. If it"s no the move what else could it be?Michael
Typical of ignition switch or park actuator(pictures above)Also inspect cables and the shift arm coming turn off the trans...

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I have the very same problem. I discovered that if ns bounce ~ above the seat it works. Ns think there is a weight sensor in the seat that is faulty. I just figured the out because my kid who is heavier, did"nt have the same trouble whenever he drove it. Yet now its obtaining worse specifically in the mornings.
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