A male echathamtownfc.netoys a part of pizza if walking out of the Bon Jovi rest stop. The Jon Bon Jovi organization Area, previously Cheesequake organization Area, is situated off the Garden State Expressway in southern Amboy. Friday, December 17, 2021. South Amboy, N.J. Aristide Economopoulos | chathamtownfc.net development Media



Only in brand-new Jersey would certainly there it is in a Jon Bon Jovi company Area — partially since he is from new Jersey and also not somewhere else, but also because I’m not sure any kind of other state would be hip enough to name a rest protect against after your second-biggest rock star (there is no Springsteen company Area).

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“This is about putting brand-new Jersey greatness on complete display,” Gov. Phil Murphy said when he announced the renaming that nine remainder stops along the Parkway, every in respect of new Jersey room of call inductees.

It to be a interlocutor move, considering new Jersey it s okay made fun of for having actually a lot of highways and also traffic and the entirety “armpit that America” thing, however no one request me.

So, right here we are. We now live in a state through a Jon Bon Jovi company Area. Is the good? Is the actually any type of different 보다 it was once it to be the Cheesequake company Area?

I started my work-related week by do a pit stop simply off exit 124 top top the Garden State Parkway. Right here are mine (mostly unfiltered) thoughts from my visit to the most-Jersey rest stop you’ll ever before encounter — unless, the is, open minded Sinatra’s prevent in Atlantic City or James Gandolfini’s service area in Montvale room better.


In the foyer that the rest protect against a man exits previous a photograph of Bon Jovi in concert. The Jon Bon Jovi company Area, previously Cheesequake service Area, is situated off the Garden State Expressway in south Amboy. Friday, December 17, 2021. Southern Amboy, N.J. Aristide Economopoulos | chathamtownfc.net advancement Media

1. The very first time I experienced the sign that claimed “Bon Jovi company Area” ns 100% thought I to be seeing things. I drive past it both methods maybe double a week and also I was positive I had actually just driven previous it also fast. But nope, that real! Let’s go inside!

2. The light-up guitar on the exterior of the building is delightfully kitschy. There need to be an ext light-up signs in places. My only criticism is the it have to be lit up every one of the time. I would certainly like an ext lights.

3. i don’t generally expect to see photos of rock stars’ butts as soon as I walk into rest stops yet okay, fine, let’s roll through this. If ns knew exactly how to do a tiktok I would carry out one that complies with the style of like, “things in my new Jersey rest prevent that just make sense” and also it would just be a photo of this poster.

4. I’ve been to this remainder stop sufficient to recognize it’s not considerably different than it was before. Ns pretty certain all the resturaunts space the exact same as the critical time ns was here-- this isn’t one of those upgraded remainder stops through a shake Shack, or the delightfully old one ~ above the Parkway near brand-new York that still has actually a Grimace at the McDonald’s. The just obtained some Bon Jovi and brand-new Jersey hall Of Fame stuff in it. I’d rather have that 보다 the new York sweatshirts I have actually seen sold at other rest stops.

5. i guess 9:30 a.m. Is a tiny early for Auntie Anne’s pretzels. Additionally if friend google “Jon Bon Jovi rest Stop” to see as soon as the Auntie Anne’s opens, every you obtain is news coverage. I understand this short article contributes come the chaos. Ns don’t recognize when i can gain a pretzel.


Located close to the Starbucks coffee was standing a platinum album and also cassette room on display screen honoring the Bon Jovi struggle ÒSlippery as soon as Wet.ÓThe Jon Bon Jovi company Area, previously Cheesequake company Area, is situated off the Garden State Expressway in southern Amboy. Friday, December 17, 2021. Southern Amboy, N.J. Aristide Economopoulos | chathamtownfc.net advancement Media

6. Why is over there a platinum record alongside the Starbucks? This feels favor a really weird off-brand difficult Rock Café. Blended with a shopping mall food court.

7. The Starbucks had sugar cookie syrup! Yay!

8. Oh, there’s a etc on the other side of the Starbucks. That’s neat enough.

9. There space banners increase on the walls with other members the the new Jersey hall Of Fame, and also it is really simply a weird assortment the people: Harriet Tubman, Albert Einstein, Buzz Aldrin, Bon Jovi. No Laurie Hernandez on these posters, though.

10. Okay, there is a huge box that some sort with a holographic Bon Jovi inside it who is talking. Yes a display screen on the outside where you have the right to ask brand-new Jersey hall Of fame inductees questions yet I don’t know just how it works and honestly, i’m not certain I care enough to uncover out.

11. “When you a child, a dream is nothing an ext than a dream, that a fantasy.” Thanks, holographic JBJ.

12. Will there be a Jonas brother Rest protect against in 30 years? Man, ns hope so.


Located in the dining area near the bathrooms, a holographic screen box has Bon Jovi speak to people. The Jon Bon Jovi organization Area, previously Cheesequake service Area, is located off the Garden State Expressway in south Amboy. Friday, December 17, 2021. Southern Amboy, N.J. Aristide Economopoulos | chathamtownfc.net breakthrough Media

13. Holographic JBJ has actually some interesting takes, like: “If you call it sauce, if you speak to it gravy; if you put ketchup top top pork roll, if you put mustard top top pork roll — these space all debatable subjects.” i think whether or not it’s even called pork roll is the debate, not if you need to put mustard or ketchup on it. I placed mustard on virtually anything. I’ll roast my vegetables simply straight up coated in mustard, however I have never also thought to put mustard on my pork roll. Must I be doing that? ns gonna do that.

14. It walk not appear they even sell pork role (Taylor ham? the Monmouth County, i guess it would certainly be pork roll) at the Jon Bon Jovi rest Stop. Us BOYCOTT.

15. Okay no to be the person, however who paid because that this life-size holographic talk Bon Jovi? how much go this even cost? have the right to I get one? I have actually some questions, none of i beg your pardon are particularly worth asking.

16. “When I grew up, was the butt of a most jokes. All people knew was the Turnpike and the website traffic on the method to the shore.” I remained in high school throughout the height of Jersey shore fame, the hasn’t acquired much better, Jon. No much has changed.

17. I’m no 100% sure who the other holographic human being talking here is. I think that Richie Sambora, however I in reality don’t know for sure. He is the non-Jon member of Bon Jovi.

18. This is a perfect fine remainder stop. It’s no the Maryland house in Maryland, which I have a weirdly strong opinion is the finest government-run rest stop along I-95 because it has the perfect assortment of healthy and balanced food and a Cinnabon, and it’s the perfect street between new Jersey and D.C. However it’s fine.


A quote by Jon Bon Jovi is close to the fragrances counter in the rest stop. The Jon Bon Jovi service Area, formerly Cheesequake business Area, is situated off the Garden State Expressway in south Amboy. Friday, December 17, 2021. South Amboy, N.J. Aristide Economopoulos | chathamtownfc.net breakthrough Media

19. My dad saw high college with Bon Jovi and one of them has a remainder stop named after them and one of lock doesn’t, and I’m open minded not certain which one is far better off? probably my dad.

20. JBJ said he prospered up in central New Jersey, “the northern tip of the Jersey Shore” but like... That is calling Sayreville the north tip that the Jersey Shore? ns going to message my dad to check out if that agrees through that. He probably won’t.

21. A mom and her 2 young daughters just excitedly walked up to the holographic box to make funny of it. Five gosh, one of the daughters just asked if Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora were members that the Beatles. Clearly, ns not much better, though, considering I’m not 100% sure who this other person is.

22. have I yes, really been here for half an hour? i should more than likely leave. I probably have real occupational to do.

23. Nah, this is my crowning achievement. I’ll never top this.

24. I acquired home and Googled it for the sake of journalistic accuracy, and turns the end the second holographic person was in reality Steven van Zandt, and also I just don’t recognize what the non-Jon members of Bon Jovi watch like. Ns guess ns really execute fit in through those girls who assumed it was the Beatles.

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