Captain Morgan – a famed brand because that rum is made from distilled sugarcane. Captain Morgan cases that its initial spiced rum is gluten-free, but its other flavored rum alternatives are not. Flavored rum options of Captain Morgan Rum have actually flavors and additives that contain gluten and also should be avoided. Cross-contamination is possible where companies produce gluten-free commodities alongside others the contain gluten ingredients. Your gluten-free rum has not to be tested for trace gluten and may impact people with extreme instances of gluten intolerance.

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Is Captain Morgan rum gluten free? Celiac world who love come drink alcohol should constantly check through the beverage companies about their ingredients as alcohol brands are not mandatory to display screen allergy warnings on your products.

People v gluten allergies need to be careful while choosing their alcohol due to the fact that of feasible gluten ingredients, especially in flavored alcohol options.

Many people are confused about whether the well known brand, Captain Morgan, has actually gluten-free choices in their arsenal of rums. This particular day you can uncover out even if it is rum flavors space safe for usage for people with gluten intolerance. 

Rum is a distilled alcoholic drink make from sugarcane juice or molasses. Captain Morgan Rum is readily accessible in markets, and also their original spiced rum is taken into consideration to it is in gluten free. FDA has additionally approved it. 

Ideally, that tastes finest when served on the rocks, and also typically used with coke or combined in cocktails. Captain Morgan is a brand known to all. Its famed slogan, “Live favor the Captain!” is part of Captain Morgan’s marketing campaigns because 2017.

It is called after Henry Morgan, Welsh privateer that the Caribbean, who died on 25 respectable 1688. 

So is there gluten in Captain Morgan Rum? 

Is Captain Morgan Rum Gluten free – What is Captain Morgan Rum


 Campaign Morgan is a popular family brand through a brother alcohol conglomerate, Diageo. The rum the produces is made from distilled alcohol and sugarcane juices or molasses.

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It have the right to be uncovered in virtually all bars approximately the world, and bartenders usually mix it in a range of cocktails or coke on the rocks.

Usually, rums, in its initial form, carry out not contain gluten together it is a distilled alcohol make from sugarcane or molasses, and also has no gluten ingredients. However, carriers may include ingredients and also extra spices that can contain gluten.

The company’s original Spiced Rum is non-flavored and also considered to be gluten-free. Your flavored rums, however, variety from coconut to grapefruit and contain gluten ingredients. 

Captain Morgan initial Spiced Rum is distilled and also made indigenous molasses, water, and also a mix of yeasts because that fermentation. After ~ distillation and in the last stages of its production, flavors and spices are included to the rum, which gives it the color, taste, and also aroma. The spices provided in the rum are aboriginal to the Caribbean Islands.

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Alcohol providers are additionally not required to disclose allergens. Therefore, it can be tough for world to recognize whether their rum is gluten-free or not. 


Captain Morgan’s original Spiced Rum is a mix of rum native Puerto Rica spices, and added flavors, which includes apricots, vanilla, fig, and also some cassia. The added flavors and spices offer the rum its honey color and also texture. 

The volume the alcohol in Captain Morgan’s rum is 35 percent (24.5 Alcohol units).

Captain Morgan’s range of commodities includes the following:

Original Spiced RumCoconut TumWatermelon SmashApple SmashCannon BlastPineapple RumJack-o’blast
LoconutBlack SpicedGrapefruit Rum100 evidence spicedWhite RumLong Island Iced TeaPrivate Stock