The amount of lead-based paint still hanging approximately is enormous. We really must educate the public on wellness risks. Below we discuss how to discover the lead and cover or eliminate it. Don’t take this lightly. Law this needs training for painters and also homeowners.

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Experts agree—there is no safe level of command exposure, even for adults. But there is a safe way to cover lead: lead paint sealer, a.k.a. Command “encapsulating” paint. Us have an additional article to discover out if you have actually lead: read exactly how to test for lead paint.

Can you paint over command paint?

Yes, if having actually it gotten rid of is no feasible. Also, you deserve to encapsulate it and also seal the by paint over it with a lead paint sealer. It’s not quite as great as the total removal of the old paint, but it prices a entirety heck the a lot less.

Four points:

How to paint over lead repaint in 3 Steps

1. Just how to paint over lead repaint in 3 Steps:

Clean the surface like for any kind of other paint: a damp rag (then litter away the rag in accord with regional laws.).

Let the coat dry and also apply a second coat if utilizing a brush and also roller. Rarely will you require a 3rd coat v the paints below.

2. Ideal Lead-covering Paint:

Apply these like any type of paint, however do no sand the old lead paint: view above.

INSL-X command Block, command Encapsulating Paint, through Benjamin Moore. Obtainable online.

* The world of respirator filters and masks is complicated, yet I streamlined all that in this post.

Things you have already:

old clothinggarbage bagsragswindow pan (blowing OUT)

Key safety and security Tips:

How do you get rid of lead paint? This authoritative page shows you all the measures you will certainly take, and it comes from a trusted source. Before you start, make certain you understand the risk and also precautions come take.

Work because that 15 minutes, climate take a rest in an additional space.If you have actually trouble breath or feel sick etc, leaving immediately.Never use sanders or heat weapons to melt lead-based paint—this creates toxicity dust and also fumes with lead.

Indoors, make sure the workroom is well ventilated: collection up a pan so it blows waiting out a window. Begin by applying stripper close to the fan and work your way back, so fumes are constantly blowing away from you.

Never forget (in addition to every the details you have to read native the EPA provided below):

Remove all furniture, carpets, and also drapes and also use plastic to seal turn off the occupational areaNever eat or drink in the occupational areaKeep civilization (especially children and pregnant women) the end of the repaint removal areaAfter the task is done, dispose that the work clothingDo not wear work clothes outside the work areaDestroy or wash work clothes separately indigenous all various other laundriesWet mop ~ vacuuming

4. Simple facts around lead

2.1 million houses with lead paint and a son under six. Not good.Do I must worry around lead paint?

Yes, for any type of dwelling painted prior to 1979, and also it have the right to be one of two people exterior or inner paint. I recommend come my client to test any old paint. Lead paint testing doesn’t expense much. If the repaint is latex, it is more than likely safe.

How perform you know if you have actually lead paint?

There space 2 main ways to test: DIY kit or by sending a sample come a lab (info in this post).

How have the right to a homeowner get rid of lead paint?

I would say no, but people desire to carry out it anyway! once I execute it, ns use repaint strippers together there is small or no dust come breathe. Quiet one should constantly wear a respirator through HEPA filters (more below). There are many other safety involves you absolutely need to know before you carry out this yourself. Watch the EPA docs simply below.

Is the dangerous to live through lead paint?

Yes, the is for all of us, but especially because that pregnant females and tiny children. Simply opening and closing a window frame or waking on repaint chips deserve to liberate lead dust into the air. Whether us breathe that or sloop down it, it reasons permanent mind damage.

Lead affect the mind and over there is no method to be for sure if you have actually lead repaint exposure in her house. Eliminate it or encapsulate through special paint it ideal away.

List that EPA files on exactly how to remove lead paint.

It’s an extremely pleasing to know the EPA is trustworthy on lead issues.

For any info at any kind of time, call the hotline: national Information center at 1-800-424-LEAD. Lock will have the most existing list of accredited labs and also removal contractors.

These are just the pages i selected as central to the issue: they have actually lots of great links to follow.

Is over there anything you think us should have mentioned? do you have a question? Please usage the comment type below. Good luck.

For one informative watch (with part humor) at the risks of command in water and paint, watch man Oliver ~ above HBO.

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Hey, John, lead to be banned in the us in 1978, the year after ~ I became an apprentice painter! so guess what was ns scraping and sanding all those years.