I've excellent the search before, this is my second time play Fallout 3. I'm in ~ the finish of the main quest (Take the Back!).

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For some reason I can't acquire the radio signal to begin Trouble ~ above the Homefront. Is over there a limited window to perform this quest?


Do you have actually the pitt dlc & is that completed? If so, take trip there & back. That resolved it for me.

Also did you go to megaton first?

I have actually all the DLC, top top this operation I have only completed operation Anchorage so far.I travel to Megaton and also walk near the entrance of Vault 101 and also can't acquire the signal.Is over there some sort of glitch v this quest and having The Pitt installed?

From what i understand, you deserve to only do it throughout the duration between finishing the Waters that Life and starting Take it Back. Likewise of note: http://www.falloutwiki.com/Trouble_on_the_Homefront#Bugs

Try going to the Pitt and also returning and also fast travel straight to 101, view if the brings the back.

If you space using the pc platform you have the right to resolve this through a console command (console may be opened with the "~" key).

Enter the following command:

setstage 0x00014ea3 0That need to reset the vital triggers. If you continue to experience concerns (such as the emergency PA not working and also otherwise avoiding you from entering the vault) you can try:

setstage 0x00014ea3 10If no of those work and the search is otherwise entirely bugged, friend can try the complying with (close the console and count come ten prior to returning after each of the stopquest and startquest commands):

stopquest 0x00014ea3resetquest 0x00014ea3startquest 0x00014ea3setstage 0x00014ea3 0That will certainly stop any type of ongoing elements of the quest, reset any saved variables pertaining come the quest, begin it, and force the entry stage. The 10th stage is entering the vault itself, if you to be curious.

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Thanks! i tried the first command and it fixed it. I gone into it and also traveled to vault 101 and also got the radio signal right away.

Does the command only result this specific quest?

Where go you discover these commands?

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I had actually attempted to walk to Megaton after completing the Waters the Life. Ns left because that the Pitt and completed it. Upon go back to the funding Wasteland ns traveled to Megaton and the signal to be found.

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