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Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Explorers that Darkness: Evolution and also Graduation |

As in the first Mystery Dungeon, you will not be able to evolve until after the key storyline is over. Advancement takes ar at Luminous Spring, yet the disturbances in time have stopped everyone from gift able come evolve there.

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Gaining access to Luminous Springs

After you defeat Dialga and return to the Guild, Chatot announces the it is time for your graduation indigenous the Guild - ~ this you will have the ability to organise your own time and also you will not live at the Guild any more. However, first you have to pass one exam: uncover the treasure in ~ the end of Mystifying Forest. You are warned, however, the "The Grand understand of All things Bad" lurks in the forest. Scary.

As you walk out right into Treasure city to prepare, if you speak to Teddiursa and also Ursaring they will tell you the they frequently go the end to beat in Mystifying Forest and have never ever come throughout this "Grand Master." Feeling an ext than a small confused, you and also your partner prepare because that the dungeon and set off on your exploration. Just you and also your partner can take the exam - if you try to take recruits v you, your partner says they"d fairly it was just the 2 of you.

Oh, and save before you leave. Seriously.

The dungeon isn"t very difficult. Many of the Pokémon are relatively weak. There room all kinds of Pokémon in here, however the only ones come watch out for really are:

They won"t carry out a most damage, yet they will call for a couple of hits to take it them down.

After 13 floors, you with a clearing through a an extremely odd irpari patch in the middle. Teddiursa and Ursaring fulfill up with you here, speak they space going come Luminous Spring. You agree to monitor them. However, when they skirt around the odd leafy patch, you and your partner walk ideal onto the - and also fall into a pitfall trap. Clever.

The pit goes pitch black and also voices roughly you announce us to it is in the Grand understand of All things Bad and his minions. You and your companion are just acquiring scared as soon as suddenly irradiate is burned into the pit and also you uncover yourself surrounded by none various other than your other Guild members - all except Bidoof, who had accidentally gotten rid of the cover and let the light in. ~ a minute of man you need to fight these Pokémon in a lot battle:

As ever, defend comes in an extremely handy here. The ones to really watch out for space Wigglytuff with his Doubleslap and also Sing, and also Chatot with his Hyper Voice. Also, Wigglytuff, Sunflora, Chimecho and also Loudred have Bodyguard, which way they will certainly take any damage that would KO one of their allies beside them. The finest thing to do really is set Protect up, put Chatot to sleep and also then focus on do the efforts to take it him out - in doing so you will most likely take the end at the very least Wigglytuff first. It is in warned the Wigglytuff has actually a stupid lot of HP and also will take a lengthy time to take it down, but you can at the very least target it with Chatot. It"s an included bonus if Sunflora attempts to Petal run you while protect is up, due to the fact that all it does is confused itself.

Once you manage to defeat them, they all skedaddle and you to escape the pit, recording up come Teddiursa and also Ursaring. You collection the endowment - a Perfect Apple, surprised surprise - and they command you in the direction of the Spring. Time is flowing generally again and so the spring is functioning together normal. Teddiursa go in come evolve, and you return to Treasure Town. You have the right to now accessibility Luminous spring at any type of time without having to go through Mystifying Forest.


In MD2, evolution isn"t actually necessary because all evolved forms are recruitable as well. However, it might still be simpler in some cases due to really low recruitment rates and tough dungeons.

Evolution functions a tiny differently than in the initial games. Once you walk to Luminous Spring, friend are provided a perform of all the Pokémon you have recruited that are at this time able come evolve - friend don"t have actually to get in the Spring together them, nor execute they also have to it is in in her team of 4 at the time. You pick one and also your Pokémon then evolves. How exciting.

There is a capture though - due to your call with Dialga and your messing about with the future, you and your partner are no able come evolve yet. Friend won"t have the ability to until much later on in the game, as soon as you have recruited Palkia.

This doesn"t hinder girlfriend though, as none the the starters" stats are impacted by evolution. A lv100 Chikorita through no Gummi boosts will have the same strike stat as a lv100 Meganium with no Gummi boosts. ~ above Pokémon who stats space affected, it"s just by a tiny amount, never an ext than 15. Bizarrely, some Pokémon"s stats room actually lowered; Kakuna, for example, has greater stats than Beedrill. As I said, the difference is frequently minimal, for this reason don"t permit this prevent you from getting your favourites.

Tyrogue evolves together expected, other than you"ll have to feed the Gummis to alter its stats. It"s totally random i m sorry stat will certainly change, for this reason I indicate saving prior to attempting to do it so the you don"t garbage Gummis.

Wurmple"s evolution, as in the games, is random.

You don"t require a spare slot in your active team roster to gain Shedinja once you evolve Nincada. That just appears in your Chimecho Assembly list.

Mantyke needs you to have recruited a Remoraid. Girlfriend don"t need to have one, or Mantyke, in your energetic team roster.

Items and Moves

If your Pokémon requires things to evolve - Fire rock for example - it doesn"t need to be in her Treasure Bag, warehouse is fine. Note that if you give things for evolution, it will be provided up - friend can"t reuse it.

Many of the evolution items can only be discovered as rewards because that Rescue Missions, occassionally in box or in Kecleon Stalls in dungeons such together Midnight Forest and Lost Wilderness because that 1000 Poké each..

Pokémon that evolve with their normal item or relocate are:

New Items

Some Pokémon usually evolve by trading. In mystery Dungeon over there is an item instead, a link Cable. There space also brand-new items come satisfy problems that can not be met in mystery Dungeon, such as contest condition, location, trading and time the day.

There space also new items to satisfy conditions that cannot be met in mystery Dungeon, together as contest condition, location, trading and time of day.

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Pokémon with new items are:


Tameness-based evolutions depend on IQ - her Pokémon must have actually 2 or much more stars of IQ come evolve. Raise its IQ by feeding that Gummis.