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Ray from port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine ns confused around solid single and dual white present on the roadway. My girlfriend crossed a dual white line and she stated her activity was legal. What’s the deal with single and double white currently on the roadway?

Answer: good question Ray. It appears many vehicle drivers in south east Texas and Texas itself are confused around the legality the the solitary and dual white present on the roadway. I just say that since of constant violations of the double white lines i’ve noticed. Over there is no violation for crossing a solitary solid white line, but if friend cross that line and a crash occurs, girlfriend would more than likely be the “at fault” vehicle. A single solid white line is a guide to traffic flowing. Now, the double white hard lines room a different story. Ray, if girlfriend are caught crossing over a double white line you deserve to be authorize a citation (ticket) because it is a violation in the state the Texas come cross end a double white lines. If found guilty in the city of port Arthur Municipal Court, the good is $224.

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Debra native Nederland asks: Officer Antoine many thanks for this column. This day I’m happy to have the ability to say ns a reader and fan of her column, since yesterday not so much! Officer Antoine you never ever stopped me at any time, yet I swear you stopped and also gave a ticket to anyone else in my family. Therefore of course i didn’t prefer you but have come to realize you room out there functioning trying to conserve lives. I witnessed something while in san Antonio during the Thanksgiving break that motivated me to “Ask A Cop!” I observed a automobile without any doors ~ above it, nor did the car have a truck or engine cover. Is it illegal to journey a automobile in Texas without those items?

Answer: great question Debra. The auto you it was observed on the road in san Antonio during Thanksgiving without any kind of doors ~ above it was legal. Yes no state legislation that requires a car to have a door or truck/hood to be legal to run on the roadways of Texas. Together strange together it look at if all inhabitants were effectively secured by seatbelts, there to be no violation committed. Psychic there space vehicles bought off a lot virtually to the an extremely description you detailed (Jeeps).

Jimmy from port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine, v the holiday season gift in full swing, deserve to you give a few safety advice on driving, entering and also exiting your car while shopping? thanks for all you do to carry out the readers with driving information!

Answer: We space in the middle of the greatest holiday shopping season and also our store and parking lots space packed with customers, and also unfortunately mixed in that group of happy shoppers space some criminals. So we have to take extra precautions once driving and also entering or exiting our vehicles.

Here are just a couple of safety advice to consider: Ladies, never leave your purse top top front seat of your auto (any seat in the case). Also, ladies, if possible leave her purse at house or secure that in the trunk, and also if you lug it, strap your purse throughout your body or have it on your shoulder.

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If shopping in ~ night, park in a lighted area. If feasible don’t shop alone, never ever leave packages unattended or ~ above the seat of her vehicle. Have your tricks in your hand prior to exiting the store, make a note of where you parked, avoid parking alongside vehicles that are lot bigger 보다 yours, don’t carry large amounts that cash, make certain you securely lock your vehicle, when approaching your auto be conscious of her surroundings and, lastly, DON’T enable ANY STRANGER TO approach YOU!

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