If you"re over the period of 13, girlfriend should know by currently that friend can get pregnant through vaginal penetration by a penis, likewise known together P-in-V sex, together the children are apparently saying these days. Yet what about other ways? As long as sperm is involved roughly the general vicinity of her vagina, have the right to you get pregnant? have the right to you get pregnant by obtaining fingered? that seems like an obvious answer, however you may be surprised.

According come Dr. Adrienne Zertuche, an OB-GYN in ~ a division of Atlanta Women’s medical care Specialists, “While that is unlikely because that you to obtain pregnant just by engaging in non-generative sexual task (i.e. ‘outercourse’), it is still possible.” mostly if her partner has actually semen top top his finger from pre-ejaculate, or if that “pulled out” and also there to be still pre-ejaculate or any sperm at every left within of you and he uses his finger and also pushes the sperm more up in — these room the only two scenarios whereby fingering could lead to pregnancy. “It just takes one sperm to gain pregnant. Therefore, a sexual act that involves pre-ejaculate can lead to pregnancy,” she describes to chathamtownfc.net in an email interview.

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What exactly is pre-ejaculation anyway? according to the American pregnant Association (APA), it’s precisely what it sounds like: The liquid that seeps the end of the penis prior to your partner ejaculates. “This liquid is released from the Cowper’s gland, located at the peak of the urethra. The function of this liquid is to reduce the acidity in the urethra and provide a lubricant because that the sperm that is released as soon as ejaculation occurs. Most men have no regulate over it and cannot feeling it comes out,” the APA noted.

The APA additionally mentioned the there are conflicting colleges of thought regarding whether or not there is sperm in the pre-ejaculate. However, “it is possible for tiny amounts that sperm to leave reproductive system and make its method into the pre-cum or pre-ejaculate." so though an extremely rare and also uncommon, it is technically possible according to the APA.

Confused by that old stand-by that oxygen death sperm? fine apparently, oxygen no immediately death sperm — it has to dry first, the APA noted. “Once sperm is dry, the is dead and also cannot travel to fertilize one egg. Sperm deserve to live for three to five days if it is in a warm, moist atmosphere such together the vagina or uterus that a woman, sperm can not come earlier to life when it has actually dried, also if the is re-moistened,” according to the APA. However, as far as how long sperm can live outside of a warmth moist environment, Zertuche no sure.

Trying no to gain pregnant and want to be 100 percent sure no sperm enters the quality zone? other than abstinence, yes sir really only one method to ensure her vaginal area is sperm-free — contraception at all times. “If you are trying to protect against pregnancy, in enhancement to utilizing condoms, you must utilize an effective an approach of contraception. Ask her gynecologist if you room a great candidate because that the contraceptive implant (Nexplanon), an intrauterine machine (IUD, e.g., Mirena, Paragard), a contraceptive injection (Depo-Provera), or a birth manage pill, patch, or ring,” Zertuche says. If you space trying to get pregnant and hope beyond hope the you could possibly still be pregnant, also if he just fingered you, it’s highly unlikely, but it might potentially happen.

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Obviously the not simply by the finger alone the you get pregnant from. If the stars align, and also your companion somehow gets his finger in there before sperm top top his finger has actually dried, you deserve to potentially acquire pregnant. Therefore in addition to keeping you from getting infections down there, make sure his hands room squeaky clean before any type of finger activity happens to it is in 100 percent safe.