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The dilemma that only having iTunes to carry files in between iDevices and computers has been a pushing one because that iDevice users. Together all iphone users may know, iTunes is not an reliable app and also can perform really poorly sometimes, choose it keeps crashing while transferring files in between iDevices and computers.


If you likewise come throughout the exact same issue, here"s a tip for you: using chathamtownfc.net TunesFix deserve to quickly and also easily resolve the iTunes keeps crashing issues. Yet to help you solve the difficulty by yourself, we’ve gathered some of the usual manual services below.

1. Upgrade iTunes variation to fix iTunes Crashing

Why iTunes keeps ~ above crashing? the may because of a variety of reasons. However, one of the many common causes of iTunes crashing is as result of an incompatibility between your iTunes app and your iOS device. Shot to check if her iTunes is updated come the latest variation first. If not, you have to update it, just follow the actions below.

As friend may have read earlier, this is known as Error 7. If iTunes keeps crashing on your Mac or Windows, just follow the steps listed below to update your iTunes first.

Step #1. open iTunes on her computer.

Step #2. For windows users: Click "Help" tab in the food selection bar at the top-right of the window. For Mac users: click “iTunes” tab.

Step #3. Click "Check for updates." If an upgrade is available, a pop-up will certainly appear. Just download and also install the latest variation on her computer.


2. Resolve iTunes Crashing on a single User Account

Sometimes iTunes does no open and just stop responding. It likewise shuts down all of sudden in the middle of a process. If this worry is continue in just one certain user account, monitor the steps listed below to resolve it.

Step #1. Open up the iTunes folder situated in your neighborhood library.Step #2. Drag and also drop the Library.itl record to your desktop.


Step #3. Open up iTunes and also press Ctrl+B to open the menu. Select record and then choose include Folder come Library.Step #4. Open the folder whereby your music record is stored and choose things to add. Simply drag and also drop the document into iTunes.Step #5. Execute the gapless playback and also see if iTunes runs smoothly. If not, then repeat the steps and also do not include the paper that you included in the previous action as this might be the one resulting in an issue.

3. Usage Safe mode to fix iTunes Crashes

iTunes may crash because of third-party plug-ins. In bespeak to recognize if such plug-ins are leading to the issue, friend will have to run iTunes in for sure Mode.


This is since when iTunes is in for sure Mode, that runs separately of any plug-in. In order to launch iTunes in safe Mode, merely press Shift+Ctrl while you open up iTunes. If iTunes is running smoothly, climate you must disable every the third-party plug-ins.

4. Upgrade the security Software on your Computer

If your computer is no secure with some virus, that may also result in crashing iTunes. In that case, you deserve to update the security software or usage other advantageous anti-virus softwares to safeguard your computer system from virus. Anti-virus software will detect and remove the virus from your computer.

5. Uninstall Apps that Take up big Space

Having countless apps the consume large space ~ above your computer system may likewise cause iTunes crashing issue. So shot to uninstall those apps that are hardly ever used yet having high lamb to free up an ext space on her computer. That deserve to probably assist you to settle iTunes keeps crashing on Windows/Mac problem.

For home windows users: Uninstall a regime from windows is to open up the "Apps and features" web page in the setups option, then locate the program and uninstall it.


For Mac users: open the "Applications" folder Under the "Go" food selection in Finder. Then select the apps you want to uninstall, right-click it and also choose "Move come Trash" indigenous the drop-down menu.


6. Uninstall iTunes and Then Reinstall it

If your iTunes is damaged or it lacks that some connected components, then iTunes would certainly not work-related properly on your computer system while delivering songs. The many direct way to deal with this probelm is come uninstall and also reinstall it.

You have the right to uninstall iTunes app on your computer system by following the steps readily available in the over way. After ~ uninstall the app, launch one internet web browser on your computer then navigate to the iTunes Download internet page. Following you have the right to download and also install iTunes on your an equipment by following the on-screen instructions.

Want to make things lot easier?

that is time-consuming to uninstall and also reinstall iTunes app, and also the steps are a tiny bit complex. In reality you have the right to make points easier! all you require is an iTunes repair experienced like chathamtownfc.net TunesFix, which is the ultimate tool to solve all iTunes errors and issues, including iTunes keeps crashing on her computer.

7. One-Stop equipment to deal with iTunes Crashing issue Easily and Quickly

Due come iTunes contents issues, built up junk files, or unknown reason, iTunes keeps crashing. Even you try to uninstall and also reinstall iTunes however it tho crashes. In this case, you have the right to take advantage of chathamtownfc.net TunesFix. That can conveniently resolve her problem.

TunesFix boost Your iTunes Performance and also Prevent Crashing Again!Make her iTunes perform much better than ever: rate up her iTunes and also fix iTunes crashing.Clean iTunes useless records effortlessly to cost-free up more space.Auto-detect iTunes for free and also fix iTunes components issues in one click.Repair 100+ iTunes issues: iTunes install/update/start/restore/backup and other problems.

Here is exactly how to solve iTunes Crashing by making use of TunesFix:

Way 1. Download and install chathamtownfc.net TunesFix on your PC. Open TunesFix and also it will detect your iTunes. It will display you if her iTunes is damaged (Damaged iTunes may additionally cause crashing issue). Click "Repair" to settle the issues.


Way 2. If her iTunes is complete, you will be directed to the home interface. Pick Quick Clean mode. That will start to scan your iTunes. When done, you have the right to preview her iTunes files and also select those useless records (like cache, cookies, logs, provided iTunes/iOS software program updates, etc.). Click Clean and it will clean your iTunes thoroughly.

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Way 3. Friend can also choose Fix various other iTunes Problems attribute from the residence interface come try. The would also fix iTunes crashing.