In our recent question and also answer, the pharmacist discusses whether or no it is for sure to use Zyrtec (cetirizine) and Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) together.

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Marcia asked

Can you take it Zytrec with Sudafed? i have bad allergies and also Zyrtec, while working somewhat, isn"t poignant my sleep congestion. I require something to help me breath and also was wonder if making use of Sudafed was safe through Zyrtec.

At a glance

Zyrtec and also Sudafed have the right to safely it is in taken with each other at the very same time. Over there is no interaction between them. In fact, lock are accessible together in a solitary product, Zyrtec-D.



Yes, Zyrtec (cetirizine) may safely it is in taken through Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) as there is no interaction in between the two medications. In fact, both drugs are available together in a selection of combination products over the counter, including:

Zyrtec-D TopCare Allergy-D

Taking Zyrtec (Cetirizine) v Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine)

As stated above, Zyrtec and Sudafed are taken into consideration safe to take through each other. They space in different classes of medicine (Zyrtec is one antihistamine while Sudafed is a decongestant) and do not communicate with each other. They both can assist to minimize symptoms that allergies and of a cold/flu, including:

Runny noseNasal congestionSinus pressureSneezingPostnasal drip

Since they space so regularly used together and also cover most symptoms brought on by allergies and colds, lock are accessible as a solitary product, Zyrtec-D (the D stands for decongestant). If you want to purchase Zyrtec-D (or an indistinguishable generic product), be sure to walk to the pharmacy because that it since it should be save securely pursuant to the laws enacted v the Combat Methamphetamine action of 2005. Girlfriend don"t require a prescription for it, however you will require to display ID.

In the next sections, I talk about some added information around each drug.

Zyrtec Information

Zyrtec (cetirizine) is classified as a second-generation antihistamine and has a term of activity of approximately 24 hours. While many second-generation antihistamines (e.g. Claritin, Allegra) carry out not cause drowsiness or sedation, Zyrtec is not thought about non-drowsy unfortunately. Clinical studies for Zyrtec have actually reported approximately 10-13% of users will endure some sort of sedative effect.

In addition to its use for allergies, it also can assist relieve itching and also hives. Most studies report the it has similar efficacy to Benadryl in this regard through the benefit of causing much less sedation.

I want to allude out right here that Zyrtec-D specifically only lasts about 12 hrs per dose since it only consists of 5mg that cetirizine. The normal adult sheep is 10mg because that 24-hour coverage. So, if you perform take Zyrtec-D, simply remember the you will need to take 2 doses for 24-hour coverage.

Sudafed Information

Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) is a frequently used over the respond to nasal decongestant.

It works by producing vasoconstriction in the sleep passages, shrinking swollen sleep membranes which helps to alleviate nasal congestion.

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Sudafed also acts to rise nasal airflow and also drainage of sinus secretions. Sudafed commodities must it is in stored behind the pharmacy counter due to the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act, therefore be certain to ask the pharmacy if you should purchase the product.