My boy whose two and a half started having actually runny nose and also is stuffy. I provided him nitetime dimetap. Need to I carry out motrin or Tylenol? and also if so exactly how long after dimetap? ns think i remember the dr saying two hrs I can rotate Tylenol and also motrin.

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Have girlfriend tried a humidifier or Vicks top top his chest and also feet? i would shot those before pushing meds and alternative them for simply congestion and also a cold. Honestly, ns wouldn"t also give my children medicine because that those symptoms but I"m no one to give meds uneven absolutely necessary and also they"re miserable. Is Dimatap (I know I butchered the spelling. Sorry.) a cough medicine? i don"t think cough medicines are claimed to be provided until they"re prefer 6. There"s something in them the isn"t good for babies and also toddlers. Expect your little guy gets some sleep and feels better in the morning!

I agree through the above... Stuffy nose doesn"t qualify for medicine and especially this much... A stuffy nose can be just an allergy... Or other in the air... I would wait the out and also if he gained worse climate look in ~ dosing....

Stuffy runny sleep would simply be saline fall in our house and also a humidifier. I"ve occasionally provided a small Benadryl when the stuffiness is so poor that they wake up up screaming/crying due to the fact that they can"t breathe. I don"t think Dimetap is authorized for kids that young (6 to be the common age for a lot of those drugs with a couple of saying as young together 4). Did her pediatrician to speak to usage it?

as lengthy as the dimeatapp does not contain any type of pain relievers, it have to be safe to use with Motrin. You have the right to look in ~ the party to view the ingredients.

also, Tylenol and Motrin have the right to be alternated - i think i usually perform every 4 hours alternating, but only when needed (high fever). Dual check, however I think Tylenol deserve to only be offered every 4-6 hours and also Motrin must only be provided every 6-8 hours. If you alternating every 4 hours, climate each one is provided every 8 hours.



Good morning all! I reached out to mine doctor about one issue and also she sent out this good comprehensive perform of pregnancy-safe medications. Assumed you all might save this because that your own reference together well. Merry Christmas to every those who celebrate...
My LO has had actually a cough due to the fact that Thursday, and also on Saturday he started acting more sick like when you have actually a body ache and also his temperature to be at 99.5 which no high. And throughout the night he it s okay a yes, really nasty phlegm sneeze that sometimes makes...

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