Consuming a mass amount of any type of liquid prior to a medicine test have the right to dilute the urine—coffee included. A diluted test an outcome raises a red flag for employers though. It’s a huge sign that the employee may be trying come mask medicine use.

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That said, medicine users, who follow the coffee “remedy” they uncover online, can easily uncover themselves in hot water.

How it all boils down

The sophistication that laboratory tools makes the increasingly challenging for drug customers to falsify test results. That’s true no issue which drug testing an approach an employer chooses to use.

Simply put, when an extreme amount of liquid passes v the body, it throws turn off the urine’s pH levels. That’s determined by measure up the creatinine level. If the falls listed below normal—the sample is diluted.

The test is marked as “inconclusive.” employers often pick to law an inconclusive medicine test the very same as they treat a optimistic result. However, employers might make exceptions as soon as the result is as result of a diluted specimen.

Positive and also negative

When one employee’s test sample mirrors that it’s diluted, it’s one of two people a hopeful dilute or a an unfavorable dilute.

The distinction can hold the employee’s job in the balance.

Negative dilute

A negative dilute result way that no drugs were detected in the employee’s system. Even so, the sample suggested the creatinine level was as well low. That makes it difficult to establish a an adverse drug test an outcome with certainty.

Of course, a diluted sample doesn’t instantly indicate the employee was masking medicine use.

They may suffer indigenous shy bladder syndrome. If that’s the case, the just intent may have actually been to increase the odds that they would be may be to administer a specimen in ~ all! It’s also feasible that they simply weren’t conscious it was possible to influence the check by drinking “too much.”

If you’re regulation by the DOT, a an unfavorable dilute requires a second—directly observed—test. Employers of the basic workforce regularly require a second test as well. It depends on company policy. The employee may also be terminated immediately.

Positive dilute

When an employer sees a confident dilute result, it suggests two things:

The employee had drugs in their system.They much more than likely tried come hide it.

Unless the employer permits for rehabilitation in their agency policy, the employee is terminated immediately.

The coffee myths

There are a couple of myths floating about the net in regard come coffee and also passing a firm drug test.

One of castle is to merely mix Folgers—it must be Folgers, mental you—coffee v water. The instructions speak to pour the mixture right into a vial and also to hide it on her person. Pour the mixture right into the specimen cup and turn the in.

Another says that if girlfriend lay off all caffeinated beverages because that a week and also then drink details amounts that coffee a certain variety of days before the test, you’re guaranteed to pass.

Of course, either an approach offers about as much help in passing a urine drug test as any type of other drug testing myth.

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Will they never learn?

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