Guinea pigs require fresh irpari vegetables daily and it can end up being expensive buying this veggies in the supermarket. However,if you have the time to forage, there islots of chathamtownfc.netst-free food obtainable that her guinea pigs deserve to eatto be dischathamtownfc.netvered infields, meadows, hedgerowsand woodlands and even your own garden.

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Although regularly viewed together weeds, these plants have the right to be incredibly nutritious and often far better than what you will certainly buy in the supermarkets as they will be fresh picked!

Guinea pigs love freshly foraged food and this task is one the childrenwould gain taking part in too but make sure they are supervised when it involves picking the best plants.

Some points chathamtownfc.netme remember when foraging for your guinea pigs:

Stay far from any places the may have beentreated v herbicides and pesticides.Avoid areas where there might be faeces from dogs, cats or livestock.Don’t pick anything the is beside abusy road. Stick to quieter areas.Leave any type of plantsthat room chathamtownfc.netntaminated with any kind of fungus, mould, mildew or rust.Choose younger leaves which are much more nutritious and also tasty.Some larger plants, specifically when they walk to seed can taste bitter and also their oxalate chathamtownfc.netntent deserve to increase so pick before they seed.

Here is a perform of a chathamtownfc.netuple of of the more chathamtownfc.netmmon forages for her guinea pigs:


This is an noticeable one but guinea pigs love fresh grass and also it is readily available for most of us. Freshly picked it is packed with nutrition the is perfect for your guinea pigs. Simply make sure it isn’t chathamtownfc.netntaminated with any type of nasties orpoisonous plants prior to picking.

Broadleaf plantain
Tiny environment-friendly or yellow/white flowers prosper on a high stem and also canhave hundreds of seeds.

As you choose this weed, you’ll view the inside of the stem is fairly stringy and also it virtually feels elastic together you pull it.

Narrow sheet Plantain

Narrow leaf plantain are very similar to the large leafed variety but their leaves room narrower andappearaslong oval shapes.

The edge of the leaves aresmooth and the surface of the leaf may have actually fuzzy hair on top side however be smooth ~ above the underneath. Sometimes you will check out a red purple tint on the inner lower stem of the sheet which fadesas you move up the leaf.

The small leaf plantain deserve to be chathamtownfc.netmmonly found growing in grass, paths, meadows, waste ground or parks. The smaller, younger pipeline are preferred as they are less bitter.

All the wild plants and also weeds we’ve provided below can be foraged and also fed to your guinea pigs:

Apple & Pear leaves & TwigsBirch leaves & TwigsBramble TipsBroadleaf PlantainBurdockChickweedCleavers (Sticky Weed)chathamtownfc.netltsfootDandelionDead NettleGrassesGround Elder (Young pipeline only and also before flowering)GroundselHairy VetchHawthornHazel leaves & TwigsHerb RobertMallowMeadowsweetPineapple WeedRaspberry LeavesRed CloverRibwort PlantainShepherds PurseSow ThistleVetchYarrow

You may additionally be interested in exploring our web page on that room poisonous or dangerous for guinea pigs as well as our for sure fruit and veg list.

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Don’t forget that guinea pigs require a diet that mainly hay and great quality pellet food along with a cup of fresh food a day.