Being a pet owner, that is essential for you to know what you have to feed to her pet chinchilla and what not to feeding them.

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Chinchillas are well-known to it is in a distinctive species, and they space somewhat similar to guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters, yet it does not average that your caring requirements enhance with every other.

Now the inquiry arises even if it is you deserve to feed guinea pig food to her pet chinchilla.

Before we obtain into this, we shall discuss the dietary demands of both chinchillas and guinea pigs.

Dietary demands of chinchillas

A well-balanced diet is extremely vital for the health and wellness of chinchillas.

Their dietary requirement contains 5% fats, 20% protein, and 30% fiber, therefore, you have to not feed them guinea pig food.

These animals have a temperament, and if girlfriend don’t feeding them a particular diet, they will gain aggressive in the direction of you.

Chinchillas are herbivores, which mean that don’t eat meat and prefer eat grass, leaves, plants, etc.


The key food item included in their diet is high-quality grass hay.

Alfalfa hay and timothy hay is what many chinchilla owners feed their pets.

You can likewise feed lock a small number of chinchilla pellets.

Make certain that the pellets are clean and fresh and also contain as many green vegetables as possible.

Other 보다 this, chinchillas additionally love a an excellent treat but don’t feed them a big number the treats.

You have the right to treat your pet chinchilla through grapes, raisins or apples.

Another point that is a must-have in chinchilla’s diet is freshwater.

You don’t want your pet chinchilla to be dehydrated, right? so make certain that you provide your pet chinchilla with a party of fresh water to save them hydrated.

Another important to store in mind is to save sugary and fatty foodstuffs away native chinchillas because they don’t carry out well with such foods and also may end up gaining sick.

Dietary requirements of guinea pigs

Guinea pigs have tendency to eat hay also, and also most owners feed them timothy hay.

They additionally eat pellets which space enriched with vitamin C due to the fact that they space unable to develop vitamin C on their own, which renders it vital for castle to take it vitamin C supplements.

Guinea pigs can also eat details fruits and also vegetables that match their requirements.

They can only eat a small number of fruits to remain safe native stomach aches.


Can you feeding guinea pig food to chinchillas?

Even despite guinea pigs are comparable to chinchillas, still you cannot feeding guinea pig pellets to your pet chinchilla because they are specifically produced guinea pigs dietary requirements.

Guinea pigs have the right to eat a big amount that water-based fruits, whereas chinchillas can not consume too much water.

Chinchillas can eat dried fruits; however, they space too sweet because that guinea pigs.

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In a nutshell

Guinea pig and also chinchillas are comparable and eat the exact same foods, yet you cannot feeding guinea pig pellets to her pet chinchilla due to the fact that they are specifically produced guinea pigs only.